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  1. OldTanker

    Happy Birthday The Royal Canadian Dragoons and The Royal Canadian Regiment

    Wishing all serving and ex-members of these two fine regiments a heartfelt Happy Birthday!
  2. OldTanker

    WW2 Air Force Vet Passes Away

    I wasn't sure if this should be posted in "The Mess" or under Air Force, so mods if you want to move it, please do so. But since there is a specific Air Force connection to this story, I've posted it here. My Dad, WO Eric Black, passed away on August 16. He was 92 and had lived a full and, up...
  3. OldTanker

    Applying for OAP for Spouse

    I did a search but wasn't able to find anything about this. I'm in the process of applying for OAP for my spouse. On the application there is a section for time spent living outside Canada. My wife accompanied me on our 3-year tour in Lahr in the early 80s. On the application it states that...
  4. OldTanker

    Patrick Stewart and the Effects of His Father's Wartime Service on his Family

    I didn't find this posted here anywhere else but thought I'd share a very interesting documentary on Patrick Stewart and his father, ex-RSM 2 Para. Interesting discussion on the effects of "shell shock" (PTSD) on family life. Some interesting historical research as well. Mods, if I've screwed...
  5. OldTanker

    Major Bertram Ells. Royal Canadian Artillery

    I work in the Regimental Museum of the Canadian Scottish Regiment. At some point an Indian kukri was donated to the museum. This kukri was apparently presented to a Major Bertram Ells, RCA, in Kashmir in 1958 or 1959 and in turn his relatives donated it to our museum. We are trying to put...
  6. OldTanker

    Cold Warrior Question - Who Would Have Won?

    Being a basic "cold warrior" (served 1970 - 2002) I have a question that I have never really been able to sort out - how would a land battle in Europe between the Warsaw Pact and NATO have played out? I've read the fictional accounts, but what I'm really looking for is some technical analysis...
  7. OldTanker

    WW2 Canadian Army Formation Badge Question

    The Canadian Scottish Regiment Museum recently had a WW2 battledress blouse donated. It belonged to one of our sergeants who served overseas with the Regiment during the war. The blouse has a formation badge located on the left epaulette, but we have been unable to identify what it signifies, or...
  8. OldTanker

    Looking for William (Bill) Black, North Nova's WWII, Special Force 51-55

    I am looking for any information on William (Bill) Black. Served with the North Nova Scotia Highlanders WWII, SN F50063, and (I assume) Canadian Special Force 1951-1955, SN SF50063/215598. This is my uncle and he has been AWOL from the family since 1955. We don't rush things. Any information...
  9. OldTanker

    A Spirit-Lifting Visit to the Strathconas

    Several weeks ago I had the opportunity to take my uncle on a visit to Steele Barracks in Edmonton Garrison. He is 88, saw battle in WWII with the RCA, and re-mustered to the Strathconas in 1946, serving until his retirement in 1968 as a S/Sgt. He has been in failing health, and when I heard of...