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  1. OldSolduer

    Justin Trudeau hints at boosting Canada’s military spending

    So who recently retired from Ottawa city bureaucracy and where did they retire to? Call me cynical....
  2. OldSolduer

    "The organized labor movement has a new ally: venture capitalists"

    I'm suspicious of both unions and venture capitalists for reasons I shall not say at this time.
  3. OldSolduer

    Current military traditions

    Try to google Broom i loo. Its unique to the PPCLI.
  4. OldSolduer

    Justin Trudeau hints at boosting Canada’s military spending

    So in other words SNC and Ottawa scammed the contract. Not surprising.
  5. OldSolduer

    CBC Interview with new RCAF Commander

    as far as I can remember its always been the admirals that fall on their swords for the betterment of the CAF
  6. OldSolduer

    Canadian soldier charged with feeding cannabis cupcakes to artillery unit during live-fire exercise

    I think this is a good point. In the days prior to CADPAT and Tacvests and beards one of the soldiers got sick and puked in the field. He claimed it was from a hamburger from the platoon canteen that made him sick. Canteens were no longer allowed to sell products that had to be cooked on a stove.
  7. OldSolduer

    The Never-ending Roaming of Navy Accoutrements

    I was on a few of the Rite Simple exercises with 1 CBG HQ and Sig Sqn. As a crayon eating infantry type in the Sqn D & E Platoon it wasn't a bad gig. Not a great one or a jammy one but we were looked on as SMEs on subjects like land nav and winter warfare as well as a few other infantry type...
  8. OldSolduer

    The Never-ending Roaming of Navy Accoutrements

    Our “Dickie” was French Grey and later moved to the three colour Patricia one. I did not like them. I still have them somewhere however
  9. OldSolduer

    Replacing the Subs

    WHAT???? That is my main contribution for today. Ran out of crayons
  10. OldSolduer

    The Never-ending Roaming of Navy Accoutrements

    So am I and I have a few bits of bling.
  11. OldSolduer

    Author Salman Rushdie Stabbed - Aug 12th, 2022

    Savages -at least their leadership is. And they are murderers.
  12. OldSolduer

    Freedom Convoy protests [Split from All things 2019-nCoV]

    I have met this Colonel in Chief several times. She has always made time to say hello to my wife and I, and other families of the fallen. Edit to add: actually she sits down with Shirl and they have a short chat. I keep my mouth shut. She hits the nail on the head. In my mind its sacred ground.
  13. OldSolduer

    New Dress Regs 🤣

    My opinion - as a former RSM who is supposed to be a "dinosaur" I was often seen with my hands in my CAPDAT jacket pocket - the warm fluffy lining was great. Now mind you it was normally in the field that people saw me like this - with cam paint and a rifle as well.
  14. OldSolduer

    Ukraine - Superthread

    I really think if those were set off the tank would be severely damaged.
  15. OldSolduer

    Replacing the Subs

    I don't think the US was nervous about Canada's defence spending in the 1970's.
  16. OldSolduer

    A Deeply Fractured US

    I didn't think so. SO my question is and I am sure many others have a similar question(s): 1. What did the documents relate to? 2. Who was responsible for the custody and security of said documents? 3. WHY WERE THEY AT A PRIVATE RESIDENCE AND NOT LOCKED UP -Like they should be. Congress -...
  17. OldSolduer

    A Deeply Fractured US

    How true - I had forgotten about that - she got a free pass didn't she?
  18. OldSolduer

    A Deeply Fractured US

    Ok I looked at the warrant and the receipt for seized items. I may not know much but I do know you never phuque with classified documents - or take them home. WTF were they thinking? Or have I misread something...
  19. OldSolduer

    A Deeply Fractured US

    And the right does it as well.
  20. OldSolduer

    Replacing the Subs

    More like a "realistic" sailor.