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  1. J

    QOR Museum Ransacked

    Forget the DNA, one of these idiots was all ready " on file " having been printed after  a previous theft conviction. Not CSI Miami, but simple , basic police work. They left a blood trail about a kilometre long, away from the scene. One of them cut his arm going thru the window. Jim B. Toronto.
  2. J

    Ambush In Afghanistan-U.S Army Special Forces say they were shocked by military

    I watched this video clip twice, and made notes as it played. Some of my thoughts about this event........ This small group of US soldiers were supposed to be trying to kill a Taliban leader ? But when they are describing the action they refer to their "patrol base " being surrounded ? With...
  3. J

    Here Kitty Kitty

    The story say that the Tiger was moved in psoition in the AFV hall by "two men using a air supported platform " ? Say what ??? Any one know what that item is called ?  Sure would be a  handy  item in the auto body and or heavy equipment business, yes ? Jim B.
  4. J

    The Chuck Cadman Merged Thread

    I'll just point this out.. ANY sitting Member of Parliament, who dies WHILE IN OFFICE, has his/her pension settlement DOUBLED upon their  death. In the Cadman case, if he voted to topple the Government of the day, forcing an election, he was gambling that he would LIVE to be re-elected, and...
  5. J

    Fifteen Days

    Sparton .....................A slight  correction, if you don't mind.......... It isn't a NOVEL, that would be a work of fiction, made up by the author. It is a work of facts and opinions. And some very hard realities. In my opinion, it should be mandatory reading ,  in every Canadian grade...
  6. J

    Toronto trustees vote in favour of black-focused schools

    The problem is that black parents do NOT value education enough to get their kids to STAY in school. Regard the Chinese and the  Indians, who DO value education over bling and hip hop lifestyles. Their kids not only stay in school they go to University and GRADUATE with a degree and go on to...
  7. J

    Killing Canadians 'best way': student

    He is a Canadian citizen now. So can his citizenship be re-voked ? Or can he be charged under  the "Hate Speech "  sections of the  CCC? He also made remarks about Jews, so lets hear from the Canadian Jewish Congress. My understanding is that a person who advocates violence against a "...
  8. J

    What to do when pulled over by the Police

    In my experience, the first 60 seconds of conversation with a driver will decide how lenient an officer will be with said driver.  While walking up to the stopped vehicle, most guys will be watching the head and the hands of the driver, to see if any "furtive moves ' are being made under the...
  9. J

    International Police training teams ?

    This may sound like an odd question,  at first, but bear with me a bit ..... My wife was born in The Bahamas, in Nassau, and she still has family there. During a recent phone call, her brother mentioned that the  Royal Bahamas  Police Force was very badly equipped and their training is still...
  10. J

    Oilers look to give troops a night on the town

    SGT Schultz : Yes there are SOME  minor  pro hockey leagues in the UK, but my point was more around  the idea of a " thanks guys event " not just an  exact  copy of the way we are doing this here in Canada.  About the USA............I wonder if NASCAR, or NFL  fans would do something similar...
  11. J

    Oilers look to give troops a night on the town

    First, Kudos to the Oilers fans, for giving up their seats so this could happen. Second can any of our American friends tell us if this kind of thing has ever been done in the USA ? Thirdly, same question for our UK  readers ? Perhaps this could become an international idea ? In any case...
  12. J

    Don Cherry Supports the troops! - MERGED THREAD

    Why hasn't Don Cherry been given the Order of  Canada? Simple, he's not a Liberal, he's not a Leftie , and he IS outspokenly a supporter of US, not THEM. With the attitude of the "chattering classes " who control such awards, he'll NEVER get it. And , if he was asked, about it, I bet he...
  13. J


    Did anyone besides me see the CBC news story that was shot in this guys' home town in Poland the other night ? It seems that he has  been out of work for the past two years ( he was a coal miner  before that ) . His neighbours said that he is an alcoholic, who has had mental problems for  many...
  14. J

    U.S. Military Deserters in Canada Megathread

    What disturbed me the most, in this story,  was that there are about 330 more of these people hiding out in Canada. WTF? Jim B. Toronto.
  15. J

    The Spitfire and the Battle of Britain

    Mortarman : How well was Crete defended and by whom ?  I don't think that the two can be compared, really. I do agree with your point about a complete lack of overall planning and control on the german side, re an invasion of Great Britain. Think about how long the Allies took to get their...
  16. J

    The Spitfire and the Battle of Britain

    Old Sweat : As we know now, the ability of the British aircraft industry, to "out build the german ability to shoot the RAF down " would have  been a factor in any question of future  tactics. They were able to replace equipment loses with rebuilds or new airframes, from the factories. Do you...
  17. J

    Firing squad

    In the early 1970's, the CBC TV  drama department did a fictionalised version of the case of Private  Pringle of the hasty P's. I was an extra, along with probably 25 other members of the 48th Highlanders. The film was shot at a location just north of  Toronto, at a closed down juvenile jail...
  18. J

    History of the Army [Humour]

    That is "with out doubt " one of the best bits of Canadian Army humour that I have ever read. I was especially delighted to see that it wasn't something that had been "adapted " from the USA or GB. Who says we aren't funny people here in Canada ? Who ever wrote this gets my personal BZ + 1...
  19. J

    The Spitfire and the Battle of Britain

    Even IF the German airforce had been able to defeat the RAF in the summer of 1940, the main problem facing them was the utter LACK of proper landing craft  and  suitable vessels to land armoured units on the beaches of southern England. Any one who takes the time to LOOK at the German...
  20. J

    Lake ontario

    For those that don't know....... Ocean going vessels are able to go as far as the "head of the Lakes " at Thunder Bay, or Duluth Minnesota, thru the St Lawrence Seaway,  and the canal at Welland, Ontario and the locks at Sault St Marie .  Some of those ships are more than 250 metres in length...