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    Dropping out of university to pursue military career.

    Finishing my 1st year of engineering and doing fairly well with a 3.1 GPA. However, over the year, I've learned that I can't see myself being an engineer my whole life. I need something more engaging (something that energizes me). I want a career that is more challenging and involved, something...
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    SAR Pilots

    I applied for the ROTP for pilot and had some questions regarding SAR. Do SAR pilots get deployed outside of Canada? If so where to and how long? Do SAR pilots get deployed less often than other pilots in the RCAF? What was your most memorable experience as an SAR pilot? Thanks for the help
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    Air Force Pilot?

    I applied to become an RCAF pilot under ROTP and am still waiting for a response. However, I was curious if anyone could help me determine what aircraft I want to fly. What aircraft is the most hands on (least amount of auto pilot)? Which aircraft is the most versatile in terms of its...