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    I GOT A CALL FOR the NOAB" Threads

    Hey, I got my call a few weeks ago, so I'll be there too, should be fun.  Name: Eric Intended MOC: MARS CFRC: Vancouver Age: 22
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    Number of pilot admissions per year

    Yeah, I'm also wondering how competitive your grades need to be.  I'm a chem major, and I have a 70-75% average, but mostly because my program has an average of about 60%, so I'm wondering if that plays into it.  Because I mean if all I cared about were grades I could've gone into a much easier...
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    Number of pilot admissions per year

    Hi, I am planning on applying for DEO for pilot this summer, and was just looking for stats on the forum but couldn't find any.  I was wondering what the stats were for applications such as number of applicants, number of applicants accepted, age of applicants(i think i read 32 somewhere) and...