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  1. Spidron

    Well done to an unknown soldier

    The NDP would rather that soldier not interfere as he may only make matters worse, and the Liberals would want him to stop interfering and let someone else deal with the problem while they strike a committee to examine the issue of harassment. I'm not bitter  ;D
  2. Spidron

    2007 Stanley Cup Champion?

    It is a war of attrition! The deepest team may be the one that wins. I give the nod to Buffalo.
  3. Spidron

    +1 to the Edmonton Sun POV

    We need our political leaders to say such things to Canadians and the world stage over and over until it sinks in. Then again, maybe they are, but the 'media' won't run it. Kudos to the Sun.
  4. Spidron

    British sailors arrested at gunpoint by Iranian navy.

    Actually, I am surprised it took this long for Iran to pull such a stunt. Such acts simply play to the masses in Iran and hopefully distract the population from the UN sanctions brought on by the policies of the Iranian government. Iranian leaders probably have little concern for 'global'...
  5. Spidron

    Canadian soldiers arrested after drunken brawl

    Definitely sounds like the Military's free ride with the media is over. Abused detainees, dead civilians, drunken soldiers... sounds like the liberal left is firing up to make headlines over everything negative they can find. I can see the editors saying "we have been too soft on this mission...
  6. Spidron

    Preventing the coming Dark Age

    As always, it is not what you have to work with but what you do with it. The field of 'sociology of education' is unable to explain much of what makes one person successful and another not (outside of the usual correlations to parental income, career, etc). How do you measure a person's effort...
  7. Spidron

    RICK MERCER = HONUARY CDS......Just a thought

    That's a no vote from me. I have watched that 'comedian' needlessly slam the conservative government for the last year, editorializing way past the point of being funny. He appears to have a hate-on for Harper that defies logic and uses his stage to slat too many issues.
  8. Spidron

    Tone and Content on Army.ca

    Bloody good advice O'Leary! Very relevant to the office and the email world we live in. Might have to keep a copy of that list of 'response' strategies in the top drawer.
  9. Spidron

    Tribute Video

    Vancouver, British Columbia, October 2nd, 2006 Canadian Singer-Songwriter, Shawn Hlookoff has written and produced a compelling song and video, entitled “Soldier”. "The video and song are a compelling and contemporary tribute to our soldiers for Remembrance Day. It has been donated free of...
  10. Spidron

    Your Favorite Military Video Game

    For a real hoot, nothing beats Day of Defeat! :warstory:
  11. Spidron

    Liberals Diss PM on His Comments on AFG Mission

    well, what happens during Question Period, as you are aware, is questions/comments are framed so as to maximize shock effect. Anything quoted from QP has to be taken in that context. That was my point. :)
  12. Spidron

    Liberals Diss PM on His Comments on AFG Mission

    Watch the CPAC feed sometime and you will be left with the impression that this country is led by junior high students (likely not fair to junior high students). Comments made on the 'Hill' are shouted out or not heard at all. :(
  13. Spidron

    Venezuela Superthread- Merged

    Interesting thread. It would have died out by now if it were not for a couple folks who would like to blame the Americans for the problems arising out of a few thousand years of world history. You have to wonder how such self-righteousness came to be? When did the discussion of US foreign policy...
  14. Spidron

    Venezuela Superthread- Merged

    Using the 'evil' west as a scapegoat has always been a favourite tool of politicians in the third world to defer attention from their own corruption and mishandling of government. Anyone remember the Falklands? A classic example of a leader taking the rhetoric a little too far, actually starting...
  15. Spidron

    Substantive Rank [MERGED]

    Hi folks: I recently saw a PER that gave a rank followed by the word 'substantive'. I suspect this means permanent, but I am not sure.
  16. Spidron


    Ahhhh, the good old Canadian 1918 Ross rifle. it throws out a 303 round with almost no recoil. maybe it is because the  rifle is so darn heavy! The bolt action is unique as the bolt has a threaded end that fits into the 'female end' inside the chamber which allows a straight pull-push loading...
  17. Spidron

    Sig. Officer in Comm Res for a year without BMQ

    Again, great feedback and thanks! I noticed a similair thread under recruiting so I suspect that every year the ranks must swell in September with folks like myself who were recruited in March or later and lack BMQ. Nonetheless, I will make the best of it and help any way I can. From your...
  18. Spidron

    Sig. Officer in Comm Res for a year without BMQ

    Some  great information and much appreciated.
  19. Spidron

    Sig. officer in Comm res without BMQ

    Thanks for the heads-up on the double posting. And thanks for the advice too. Spittoon
  20. Spidron

    Sig. officer in Comm res without BMQ

    Hi Folks, I originally posted this query under recruiting. I have made application for sig. officer but it is not possible to do the BMQ training this summer as deadlines appear to have come and gone. What can I expect to do during my 'year' in the Comm. Res. until I can complete some phases...