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    Japanese MPA demo

    So this is what aircrew do when they're not flying.... http://www.buzzfeed.com/lookoverthere/japanese-airforce-demonstration-j9q
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    The CIWS Discussion

    There are huge differences in capabilities between Phalanx and Goalkeeper...there should be, Goalkeeper is far larger, to the point it requires the ship to be built around it, rather than the reverse. Phalanx on the other hand can be pretty much bolted on, wired up and it's ready to go. They...
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    FELEX - Halifax Class Modernisation

    I wouldn't go quite that far. The basic threat level has increased since the CPF was designed back in the early 1980's. Most of the newer frigates out there now have systems capable of dealing with those threats, while the FELEX FFH won't. The FELEX program has more to do with industrial...
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    Diesel fumes affect brain

    Apparently small particles from diesel fumes can migrate from the sinuses to the brain. I wonder what being under the casing when they flash the donks does? http://www.thestar.com/sciencetech/article/339356