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  1. TheBeatles193

    Travelling as a reservist?

    I'm a new reservist, currently in the middle of BMQ. Next september, I'm planning on taking a trip to africa (probably Kenya) to do a volunteer programme with an NGO. I was talking about this with one of my buddies, and he said that there are certain countries that, as a member of the CF, I...
  2. TheBeatles193

    Parent consent for fitness test?

    A buddy of mine said that anybody under 18 needs to have their parent there to sign something before taking the fitness test (reserve). Mine is on the 27th of June, and my mom is working, and can't come out. Should I reschedule? Thanks. 
  3. TheBeatles193

    Parent consent on paper work?

    I have my apptitude and medical tests next week. The person who called me also said that I would have to fill out some more paper work when I was at the recruiting centre. I was originally just going to bus out on my own, because my mom has to work. My question is, will I need my parent to come...
  4. TheBeatles193

    Where to drop off reserves application?

    Hey, Sorry if this has already been asked, but I did a search and couldn't find anything on it. It might sounds like a stupid question, but...oh well. Anyways, when applying to the reserves, do you have to pick up an application from the specific regiment you want to join? Or can you print off...
  5. TheBeatles193

    War between Koreas in 2011?

    Rumours are that N. Korea will continue with provocations in the new year. Do you think that there will be a war between North and South Korea?
  6. TheBeatles193

    Do the recruiters work during the summer?

    Im in grade twelve, and I was hoping to start reserve training next fall. If I submit my application in, say, May, will it be processed during the summer? Or does everyone take a holiday, and then my application will only be looked at in autumn? Thank you.
  7. TheBeatles193

    Women in the reserves?

    Hi everyone. So here's the problem. I'm 17, and a girl. I want to join the BC regiment (Armoured recce) but my mom is really worried that I'm going to be discriminated against for being a girl. I don't really think that will happen, but I'm not really sure. What should I tell her? Has anyone had...