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  1. onecat

    The Lynx how good was it?

    After read the current thread on the Lynx, i wanted to go a bit deeper and see how useful it was?  Was the Dutch version more useful as a reconnaissance vehicle? Was it better then the Ferret
  2. onecat

    1980's dpm set

    I was wondering if any anyone had a set of the canadian made dpm combats.  Issued in the 1980's.  If so and you have a set that will fit a 44' chest and 34 " waist i would be interested in buying them. thanks.
  3. onecat

    NCM rank changes

    The CF has gone though a lot of rank placement changes in the last 20's first mid sleeve placement, then slip on rank and then back again..and now with CADPAT chest slip ons.  Can any one who has gone though the changes know why it was done?  Okay maybe a loaded question as the CF has many...
  4. onecat

    CF-18 fighter jet crashes in northern Quebec - Pilot safe

    SAGUENAY, Que. (CP) - A CF-18 fighter plane crashed Tuesday but the pilot is believed to have ejected, the all-news channel LCN reported. ADVERTISEMENT A search was underway to find the pilot from CFB Bagotville in the Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean region, about 250 kilometres north of Quebec City. The...
  5. onecat

    Our PM

    I was watching CTV and CBC news today and they were showing a clip of the PM with Bono.  And what I saw really disappointed me, here was our PM the leader of a G-8 nation standing beside a rockstar, and looking at him like he ( Bono)was end all and be all.  everyone can get star fever, but Paul...
  6. onecat

    Army strenght beween 65 and 70

    I've been some research and haven't reallyfound the info i was looking for so I was hoping to maybe find it here.  I was interested in knowing the reg strenght of army in the mid to late 60's and then into the early 70's?  Before a lot of Liberal down sizing took place.  I the Black Watch was a...
  7. onecat

    wanted Bush jacket

    I'm looking for a Canadian Army Bush Jacket size 44 and maybe the pants as well in size 34. Thanks
  8. onecat

    an idea to get the Liberal's to support the CF

    The debate over missles defence has got me thinking the Liberal party and their total lack of respect and understanding of Defence.  What will it take to get the PM and Liberal party to fund the CF... and then it hit me.  If the US told Canada that starting in say 2006, they will stop funding...
  9. onecat

    C-7 trials

    Not sure if anyone here will know this or not, but I was hoping to find out more about the C-7 trials in the early 80's.  How did the C-7 compare to FNC or any of the other AR's that were tested.  Was the C-7 picked bext it was best choice, the Canadian made choice; or like the G-wagon the only...
  10. onecat

    25 pounder vs 105

    I'm putting this question here as its more of an historical question. How did the 25 pounder do when compared with the US 105.  I know the as Nato standardized, as plan to replace British kit with American... but it the better choice?  Would staying with the 25pounder given Canadian  Artillery...
  11. onecat


    I‘m heading to St Jean on saturday, and wanted to knw what the rule was on sunglasses? Do they let you use them while your there, and if they do is their a style that they prefer?
  12. onecat

    choice of insoles

    I was looking at insoles today, and I wasn‘t sure which would be best for CF use, during Basic? Is there a type that works well with CF combat? Just looking for ideas. Thanks
  13. onecat

    Monthly Pay after deductions - Questions [Merged]

    I just got the call today and I‘ve been accepted as FCS Tech for April 5. Wow its a real surprise as I thought I would be waiting at lot longer for that call. Now the question I have is this because I have only a month to plan this, I was wondering when you get paid during basic? I have...
  14. onecat

    are the Trades open?

    Hey any word on when the NCM Trades will be open again? I was talking with the Kitchener center last week and they said they were still closed until late March/April. But maybe people here have heard something? Interested in SigOp. Thanks
  15. onecat

    questions are FCS 434

    HI, I had a few questions that I was hoping some here might be able to help me with. My first choice is SipOp because it more like a network admin... which I studied in school. But now that I‘m waiting for the trade to re-open in April, I‘ve been doing some searching and I wanted to know more...
  16. onecat

    moving your car

    Now that I‘m waiting for the call from the center, it got me thinking. After I finish my trades training, which will be in either Kingston or Borden.... how much time is given before your posted? I have a car and I currently live in Ontario so it‘ll be to get my car while in trades training...
  17. onecat

    CFB Cornwallis

    Just a question, why was BMQ moved to St Jean? and was Cornwallis closed or is it closed?
  18. onecat

    a Mr Hinch from Guelph

    Hi, Not sure if this will work, but you never know. I‘m looking for a friend from High School who joined the Forces in the mid 90‘s and was at some point stationed at Shilo around the time of the Ice storm. So anyone here knows a Jeff Hinch from Guelph, can you let know to look here and send...
  19. onecat

    New Standard Issue Helmet

    This has been on my mind for a while now, so I thought I would post here and get some answers.  Lastest helmet in use with the CF, why was that design choosen?  It look very different from the current US helmet, and most Nato countries seem to be using the US design; so why aren‘t we? Thanks...
  20. onecat

    what ever happened to Garrison dress?

    Garrison Dress I‘ve always wondered what happed to garrison dress? You know the dark green pants and dress shirt and that cam jacket? I didn‘t like the cam jacket but I thought the garrison dress was shape looking for garrison type work. Was it was cost reasons that they stopped using it, or...