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    July 1

    Remember the Royal Newfoundlanders tomorrow.  For us it is Canada Day, for them it was a day of tragedy.
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    Coral Harbour

    A most heart-felt congratulations to those involved:Clipping is taken from the weathernetwork :salute: :snowman: Daniel Martins Digital Reporter Tuesday, January 13, 2015, 8:46 AM - Eight hunters stranded on an ice floe in Hudson Bay were airlifted to safety by the Royal Canadian Air Force...
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    American Military Combat Rescue

    From the U.S. military a very informative look at medevacs in Afgan.  No other comment.  http://aimpoints.hq.af.mil/display.cfm?id=35673
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    Unconventional war; unconventional tactics

    www.ottawasun.com/News/Columnists/MacAdam_Pat/2008/10/26/7207331-sun.html Very interesting article here with regards to a very unconventional commander in WW2. I did a quick search and only found one oblique reference under question of the day. I clipped just two paragraphs to highlight.  Enjoy...
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    Royal Newfoundlanders

    Just a note.  July 1 is not just a remembrance and celebration for Canada Day.  It is also the day that the Royal Newfoundland Regiment went over the top in Beaumont Hamel in the first Battle of the Somme and were totally decimated.  If any have had the chance to walk the field, you will know...
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    Re-creating History

    For any military history enthusiasts who are going to be in the area, the battle of Waterloo will be re-fought on its orignal site this coming weekend, June 20,21.  The forces of France have vowed that this time the outcome will be different.  Waterloo is now a suburb of Brussels and is quite...