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  1. Inch


    Hey all, sorry for my lack of posting and participation but things got busy the last few years! I've been instructing at the training Sqn in Shearwater for the last 2 years and I'm enjoying the hell out of flying until midnight every night while we convert the Sea King community over to NVG's...
  2. Inch

    Chinook Rescues Seaking

    You can't be serious. Does it make any financial sense to fly 4000 miles from Edmonton to Halifax and back again at 120knots (or about 6-8 days worth of flying) just to pluck a Sea King out of a field where if you can get in there to take the blades off you could probably get a crane and a...
  3. Inch

    Cobra bites the dust - literally - VIDEO

    Not from a hover it wouldn't. They would have only fell about 15 ft and under power at that, so I suspect that the rate of decent wouldn't be enough to cause back problems. I'd be more concerned with head trauma from the violent motion on the aircraft as a result of the blades impacting the...
  4. Inch

    Prince William RAF Pilot

    From Wiki: As with Royal Family tradition, Prince William used "Wales" as a last name during his years of education, as has Prince Harry. William's York cousins in turn use "York" (other Royal Families also use their parents' title as their own working surname). Past precedent, however, is that...
  5. Inch

    "So You Want To Be A Pilot" Merged Thread 2002 - 2018

    There are a ton of threads with very valuable info in this forum. Suggest you have a read since all the info has been posted before.
  6. Inch

    Air Force DEU

    Hippie, Are you going to the one on Thurs to sit with the other 4 people from your Sqn? And make fun of the 6 people from 406? And get bullied around by the 50+ from my Sqn? It's going to be fun, we have our ROE brief on Thurs.
  7. Inch

    Air Force DEU

    Put it this way, if you're wearing medals, you wear the wedge. If you're wearing ribbons, you can wear the beret. A beret can be worn with #3 Service dress with tunic.
  8. Inch

    Does the gun registry help reduce crime?

    Same here in NS. I didn't get refunded for my PAL, but you're right Registration is free and since I'm a handgun owner, I have to be a member of a gun club. Irregardless, paying $80 every 5 years and $60 a year for a gun club membership is hardly a fortune. Air, once a gun is registered, it is...
  9. Inch

    The Great Gun Control Debate

    Or .45 Long Colt? Even worse. Me thinks that the rarety and cost of the ammo would be a big enough detractor.
  10. Inch

    Talented Chinook Pilot in A'Stan

    The date on that site is not accurate. I first saw that photo a few years ago.
  11. Inch

    It's so Cold in Manitoba.....

    Or in a 15ft "hover" over the deck with a 40+kt relative wind in sea state stupid watching the deck pitch 5 degrees and roll almost 20 while waiting patiently for the steady period to come every 5-6 min and then try to land before the 15 sec steady period ends. That gets the blood pumping!
  12. Inch

    Op ARTEMIS: Counter-terr/secur @ sea (merged)

    So? We don't even know what ports we're going to until a few months in advance, what difference does the routing make? I'm sure they're stoked about it, now they don't have to sail across the open expanse of the Pacific for 2 weeks in between seeing land. I still don't see how they didn't know...
  13. Inch

    Op ARTEMIS: Counter-terr/secur @ sea (merged)

    I agree. It became official on the 29th of Feb, those of us going all knew about it months ago. Hell, I was doing some DAG related stuff back in Jan. The Capt on IRO piped that it was official a couple hours before the press release was made.
  14. Inch

    Pay FY 07/08

    Don't forget that CPP, EI and Pension also come off, not just tax. I'm getting $1683 for back pay including Aircrew allowance and Sea Pay, and I'm only seeing $786 which means they're taking 54%. IIRC, back pays are usually taxed at your marginal tax rate, not your regular tax rate. Your pay...
  15. Inch

    Pointing Lasers at Aircraft

    I've been lased before too. I didn't find out about it until after the fact though. We got a complaint from some whale watchers just south of Victoria that we flew over them at 150ft (pretty exact height they reported), when questioned how they knew we were at 150ft they said they used a laser...
  16. Inch

    Investigators 'Baffled' by Sea King Engine Fires on March 7 2007

    If you were with 423 you would know that washing engines is part of a normal shutdown, ashore as well as embarked. It's not maintenance like you seem to imply and as far as that goes, in my 900 or so hours of flying Sea Kings I have never seen any pressure put on the techs to cut corners while...
  17. Inch

    New boot "system"

    Aden_Gatling, Have you got twigs for legs? I could see how you would have extra laces if your eyelets touch each other when tied up. I however, have never had that problem, my problem is usually the laces being too short since I have about a 1" gap on average from top to bottom when my boots...
  18. Inch

    Which Air Force trades are hurting for people?

    We don't have Sqn standards anymore. That's all done by A3 and they're manned properly, 4 standards pilots and 2 or 3 navs. MHSET is similar, 2 pilots and 1 nav. The 18 are either in Ops, Readiness, or on Dets.
  19. Inch

    Which Air Force trades are hurting for people?

    Weird... Just looking at the numbers on the 423 recall list, we're not actually outnumbered. There are 23 pilots and 18 navs, still, far from undermanned when you consider that the Sea King is a 2 x pilot and 1 x nav aircraft.
  20. Inch

    Which Air Force trades are hurting for people?

    I still can't understand how the ANAV trade is possibly undermanned. With the ASW role for Auroras seemingly on it's death bed, the C-130J's that don't have an ANAV and the fact that navs out number pilots in Shearwater right now, it seems strange to me that it would be a red trade.