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    Unit and sub-unit names in Armour

    I've just started working with an army cadet corps that has an armoured affiliation (after spending the last twelve years with the sea cadet programme).  They're a small unit without a defined structure so I'd like to look at organizing them into sub-units, mostly to provide leadership...
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    Suit against CNMT (HMCS SACKVILLE) dismissed

    The Chronicle Herald is reporting today that the lawsuit against the Canadian Naval Memorial Trust (the custodian of HMCS SACKVILLE) in connection with the LARINDA sinking during hurricane Juan has been dismissed: http://thechronicleherald.ca/NovaScotia/1256845.html
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    Neill McKay -> N. McKay

    For Googlistic reasons.
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    Training stokers for steam plants

    I was surprised to read today that the tankers are still steam-driven, and it raised a question that perhaps someone here can answer: are all marine engineering mechanics entering the navy now still trained on steam plants, or is it a specialty only for those posted to the tankers?
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    Numbering of performance objectives

    I'm wondering if anyone can share some insight on how PO numbers are determined.  The reason I'm asking is that quite a few courses seem to have all of the PO numbers in the 400s: 401, 402, etc.  (Examples include several of the safety-related short courses like SMC, HOIC, etc., all four phases...