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  1. BadgerTrapper

    Special Operations Pilot

    Hey, All. I'm just going to piggyback off this thread because it's active and focuses on Rotary wing. When you apply to become a pilot, do you have any say in what airframe you're trained on or are you at the mercy of the CM? Currently an enlisted NCM just exploring some options. Cheers!
  2. BadgerTrapper

    OTW Shirts

    I just googled the company and looked at the shirt, that's the exact shirt I have.
  3. BadgerTrapper

    OTW Shirts

    I want to say it's Royal Military Surplus? I just looked at it and it's pretty sterile sans the size tag and washing instructions. For some reason I thought all the issued OTW's were all Crye or something along those lines.
  4. BadgerTrapper

    OTW Shirts

    Hey everyone, just out of curiosity. Does anyone know the manufacturer of the TW and Arid OTW shirts in the system now? I saw a bunch in the media photos for both Op Presence and Op Reassurance and was curious. Entitlement? I have an off brand of OTW shirt, in TW that serves the purpose for...
  5. BadgerTrapper

    Trenton Lifestyle

    Good Evening everyone! I just received a posting message for Trenton and had a few questions for anyone willing to listen, never been outside the atlantic provinces so it'll be quite the system shock. 1.) How are the PMQ's up there? 2.) Areas nearby for hunting, bushcrafting and camping? (I...
  6. BadgerTrapper

    64 Pattern Ruck

    Is this still available?
  7. BadgerTrapper

    ISO/WTB CTOMS 1st Line Medic pouch

    Looking to buy a CTOMS 1st line med pouch, ideally the old gen pouch. However I'm also willing to buy a Frontline or something along those lines. Really just in search of a pouch for my rig, let me know what you have available. Thanks! :cdn:
  8. BadgerTrapper

    Wanted: New rucksacks ...

    The last bit of scuttlebutt I heard put the pack, frame, pouches, straps, hip belt etc at all said and done 600$. Not sure of the truth to that, so take it with a grain of salt.
  9. BadgerTrapper

    Med Tech QL5

    If you haven't found your answer yet, AEC is now included in the QL5 course as part of Mod 2; the 'field' phase. Taught in Borden itself, no longer in Moncton.
  10. BadgerTrapper

    New "light weight-modular" tacvest on the way?

    Those look like the TT MAV vests, decent little rig. They've been floating about for a bit now in certain units, particularly out in Edmonton. Would be nice to see these issued out to those who need something that's actually remotely functional. :2c:
  11. BadgerTrapper

    FS: Various Medical Bags and Pouches

    Is any of this still available?
  12. BadgerTrapper

    Medical Technician ( Med Tech )

    Wheezer, I used to have mine set up the same way as you do. Have you tried wearing it as a leg beg? vice leaving it attached to your tac vest? It allows a lot of freedom, personally I don't mind having shit on my leg. Eventually we all find something that works for us.  :2c:
  13. BadgerTrapper

    Outdoor Gear Thread

    Good evening, Folks! I'm looking to hear what the majority of you are using as a daypack? My RUSH 24 HR pack recently experienced it's untimely demise by campfire. I'm tempted to go with something in the Maxpedition line of packs, potentially the Condor. Any input is greatly appreciated, what...
  14. BadgerTrapper

    Packing for Basic [MERGED]

    You can either buy and Iron prior to going, or you can buy it on your inital Canex run. Regardless you're gonna need an Iron for kit layout on inspection. Same goes for an Alarm clock. Unless things have radically changed and they no longer preach uniformity at CFLRS.  :2c:
  15. BadgerTrapper

    Bangalore torpedo

    Colin P, you mean there are other ways of breaching wire other than finding your biggest guy, dressing him in a bunch of layers and using him as a human walkway?  ;)
  16. BadgerTrapper

    Outdoor Gear Thread

    Nice pictures, EITS. I'm planning a trip with some buddies to head up there in the spring. I recently spent a weekend hiking in Welsford, there are some pretty nice trails there. However due to a massive miscommunication regarding directions, we actually located the spot where Mountain Ops...
  17. BadgerTrapper

    BMQ and Headphones

    The north doors are a magical place which you will discover with time in St. Jean.
  18. BadgerTrapper

    BMQ and Headphones

    IIRC, all headphones were considered contraband and thrown into a brown envelope that was given back to us at the end of course. It's a fire hazard and a distraction, I can only imagine the hilarity that would ensue if a Recruit failed to jump to attention when the staff do evening checks.
  19. BadgerTrapper

    CAF with 2% GDP

    Then at least they'd start acquiring and looking for kit to issue. I'd also like to propose a replacement of the beloved Coleman stoves and lanterns! *ducks to avoid the rocks and tomatoes*