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  1. FltEngr

    Avionics Sys tech Vs Aviation Sys tech Vs Aircraft Struct Tech

    It varies between airframes. Aurora's for instance like you mentioned is somewhat busy because of the platform avionics, it carries a lot more equipment then any other CF aircrafts. There is some much wiring in that bird that they had to split the AVS duties in half. One half is Navigation which...
  2. FltEngr

    First Air Force loadmasters to qualify on C-130J graduate

    No kidding! I am offended by the lack of support from higher up regarding that issue, it has been an ongoing thing for a few years in our trade. With all my respect to the Loadies which I've known and flown with quite a few of them when I worked on the legacy Herc before, yet I can not...
  3. FltEngr

    Close Air Support in the CF: Bring back something like the CF-5 or introduce something with props?

    It's Forest Protection Limited that flies them for mainly crop dusting. The flight schools you are referring to are Capital Airways and Moncton Flight Center remote facility.
  4. FltEngr

    Close Air Support in the CF: Bring back something like the CF-5 or introduce something with props?

    I've seen 3 of those Air Tractor landing in Fredericton 2 weeks ago....
  5. FltEngr

    Air Navigators

    It sounds like a very expansive way to do it IMO. FSX is not good enough? (just kidding). Not to mention using pilot training resources, certainly not going to help the training backlog for pilots.
  6. FltEngr

    civilian Techs in the CAF?

    If you are looking to go overseas quickly give a call to Canadian Helicopter's office in Montreal. They are looking for AME's with endorsement on Bell 212. They are sub-contracted from the Americans in Afghanistan to delivers mail between FOB's. 6 months on duty and paid US $200 000 + per dium...
  7. FltEngr

    All Things Flight Engineer (merged)

    That's exactly what happenned to me. The chamber in Winnipeg was undergoing maintanance, most of the guys on course had a waiver. No worries, as long as you have it done before your OTU.
  8. FltEngr

    North Bay

    Good one! I must admit it could be both sometimes.
  9. FltEngr

    North Bay

    If there's no aircrafts on that base, you won't see any technicians fixing them, therefore you find any NDT guys to inspect them for cracks!
  10. FltEngr

    North Bay

    You won't find any AVN/AVS/ACS/AERE kicking around there, nor will you find any aircrew trades. No aircrafts flying around (military) other than some regional charters, civvy maintenance companies and civvy flight school with GA aircrafts and helos. It's mostly AEC and ACOp on this base amongs...
  11. FltEngr

    Aviation Systems Technician ( AVN Tech )

    Have a look at that link from Transport Canada: http://www.tc.gc.ca/civilaviation/maintenance/aarpb/General/CMP.htm Hope it helped!
  12. FltEngr

    Technicien Médical Héliporté?

    Comme pipstah l'a mentionné c'est une spécialisation. Quand tu arrives à ton nouvelle unité demande à faire ton cours de Med Evac à Trenton. Le cours est donné à l'escadron 426, c'est l'école qui forme les Med Evac, les Flight Engineer, les Loadmasters, les Flight Attendants et Stewarts, les...
  13. FltEngr

    Tactical Helicopter Observer Qualification Badge

    A little bit off topic here but I'm just curious about a similar badge I've seen as a signature on work emails. It's basically the aircrew wings like the THO but instead of having the circle with 3 colors in the middle it has 2 swords crossing each other with a red maple leaf on top of the...
  14. FltEngr

    All Things Flight Engineer (merged)

    I feel positive about it! It can't be a bad thing.
  15. FltEngr

    Chinook FE's

    If you get posted to any 1Wg unit after your Basic FE, chances are you will go down south and get qualified on the Chinook. They are trying to cross-train every FE from 1Wg on both types (Chinook and Griffon).
  16. FltEngr

    All Things Flight Engineer (merged)

    Expect some big changes coming up summer 2009 in regards to the Flight Engineer trade intake. Lot's of rumours kicking around, the Tiger team will decide of our future. I can see the trade opening its doors to the "direct entry" concept especially for qualified AME personnel. I also heard that...