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  1. Senf

    Traduction Anglais / Français

    Salut, tu peux m'envoyer le texte. Je vais voir ce que je peux faire. Francois
  2. Senf

    BMQ - St. Jean - March 2011

    Don't worry, there is no -25 in St-Jean in March. It's not even the norm in Quebec for winter.  Yes, we may have days lower than that, maybe weeks with wind factor that goes down to -25 or less, in January and February, never in March.  Last snowstorm is usually around St-Pats day, if any, and...
  3. Senf

    The Blood Pressure Superthread

    Systolic = 086 Diastolic = 038 Pulse - 077 you should be dead, the testing machine you tried was out of order.  Try another one, a few times to see if you have same results.  If you do, go see a doctor, 038 is very very low.
  4. Senf

    Vibram FiveFingers

    I haven't tried mines on snow yet and I'm not sure I will.  I have purchased for winter and for hard surfaces, Nike free, the best free running  shoes after Vibram FiveFingers. 
  5. Senf

    Anxiety/OCD/meds (merged)

    For your cholesterol, change your eating habits, there is a lot of info on internet about that.  They are not testing that at medical unless you have been asked to do a blood test.  You should be good, unless it is a declared medical problem.  In that case, they may ask another paper form your...
  6. Senf

    Anxiety/OCD/meds (merged)

    I suggest you wait for the response from Ottawa before going further.  They may give you a green light.  You won't spend your money on something they won't ask anyway.  If the give you the red light, you will always have time to do the psy evaluation and appeal the decision. Don't worry to much...
  7. Senf

    Looking for some advice

    Tencezero, this is what I have found.  I haven't found the English version. So you will have to practice your French. http://www.ville.saint-jean-sur-richelieu.qc.ca/cgi-bin/index.cgi?page=c0_8_1_1&langue=fra
  8. Senf

    Hiring again in April?

    Hi, like Alea said, call your recruiting centre.  Best, call the Reserve unit you are interested in.  Reserve units are mostly independent.  Some may have openings, others don't.  I did that this fall in my town, one navy unit was not hiring and the arty unit was.  So I went to arty. 
  9. Senf

    examen medical

    Salut, tu n'as pas besoin de ton dossier médical.  Il s'agit d'une entrevue et d'un examen physique sommaire, soit le plus honnête possible dans tes réponses. Le technicien ou l'officier médical déterminera si cela nécessite une demande supplémentaire d'infos , dans ce cas il va te fournir les...
  10. Senf

    Vibram FiveFingers

    Hi, you can try a Montain Coop store, but I think they don't have any in inventory now.  I know the sport store on HW 20 near Beloeil, SAIL or something like that had it also.  Go to Vibram site and look at official stores list.
  11. Senf

    Vibram FiveFingers

    I have bought a pair early September.  WOW, running in those is like running barefoot.  You don't have to worry about noting.  Your body will always remember how to run barefoot.  It's in the genes.  The only thing I can recommend is to avoid if possible hard surfaces like sidewalks and streets...