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    Iron Wolf

    Dutch tank crew still at the top 28 October 2021 | 09:56 Germany, Canada, France, Italy, Latvia, Norway, Poland, Spain, Slovakia, the United Kingdom and the United States. A Dutch tank crew, deployed for the enhanced Forward Presence in Lithuania, left them all behind. This happened during the...
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    New LSS Vulcano on fire

    It seems the new LSS "Vulcano"(unlucky name in this case)has had a fire,Bridge,machineroom and aft part of ship were on fire,while ship was lying in drydock to be outfitted for commission in the Italian Navy. :'( https://marineschepen.nl/nieuws/images/vulcano.jpg...
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    Dutch ships and designs and the possibilities for Canada

    First and foremost a good evening to everyone here,i'm new here on the forum(so excuse me if this has been asked earlier) I!used to be in the RNLAF but not anymore(that was a long time ago,used to be with 3GGW(Guided  Weapons Group)327 sq based in Blomberg Germany(patriots)and was a Stinger...