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    International Police training teams ?

    This may sound like an odd question,  at first, but bear with me a bit ..... My wife was born in The Bahamas, in Nassau, and she still has family there. During a recent phone call, her brother mentioned that the  Royal Bahamas  Police Force was very badly equipped and their training is still...
  2. J

    Are CF medics armed while in Afgahnsitan, and if so with what weapons ?

    Wondering about this subject............ Are CF medics arrmed while in Afghanistan, and if so with what weapons? If not armed are they teamed with a protection "buddy " to cover them while tending to injured, wounded members ? Does this practice come under the " Geneva Conventions " rules for...
  3. J

    What should Police do with Hezbolah Supporters

    So my question would be this...............If Hezbolah is on the Canadian Government's list of Terrorist groups, what should local Police do about people at a demo that are wearing T shirts with that name on ob it, or carrying the Hezbolah flag? Would that be "supporting a terror group"? What...