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    Quick Question.

    Hi All. Being much older and wiser now and feeling that I am lacking a challenge in my life, I am making some personal decisions this year and one is to finish my Masters and the 2nd is to join the Reserves. My question is if I join the reserves and I want to just be a "grunt" (no offense...
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    How good is the side arm?

    I am a civilian but I am interested in joing CF once I come back to Canada. Any who I was curious about the standard issue CF side arm. How good is it? (Wouldn't mind geting some info from people that actually used it) I have shooting expierence and I am ok with a hand gun. (IPSC) I...
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    Is recruiting still a pain?

    Couple years ago I applied for the CF and I just found it was just a wild goose chase. I had to redo forms at least 4 times and I kept on getting conflicting information every time I went into the recruiting office. I scored well on the aptitude test, I met all the requirements, but I just got...