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    How long is employment contract?

    Is there a way to check how many years is the employment contract for each full-time job?
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    Ratio: officer to NCM?

    What is the ratio of number of armoured officer to armoured solder?
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    ATC transferring to civilian?

    Is it easy for experienced ATC to transfer to civilian ATC jobs? Do civilian value military ATC experience?
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    Officer percentage in Reg?

    Out of all full time members, what percentage are officers?
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    MP subsized education?

    Does CF subsidize community police foundation?
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    If you don't complete your contract

    What happens if you don't complete your contract. For ex. your contract is 6 years, but you have to go after 3 years.
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    Ontario Planes

    Is there a link to see what kinds of planes are in Ontario air bases and the number of planes?
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    MP MPO statistic?

    What is the ratio of # of MPO to MP? Is it rare for someone to be selected for MPO without a criminology degree. For example econ, psycho, sociology, political science degree, etc....? What percentage of MP and MPO are currently deployed?
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    Need Information on Trades

    Is there a place I can look to find more information about the trades in CF? When you click on the trades,  the video, fact sheet and training and education information don't provide too much information on what you actually do on the job.
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    Infantry Officer Power

    How many infantry soldiers does one infantry officer control? I read on the CF website that 1 infantry officer control 25 men, is it true? Or is there about 5 officers out of every 25 infantry soldiers, lead by a top officer?
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    Easiest officer trade to get into?

    I graduated with a B.commerce degree with a low GPA. And I'm qualified for the following officer jobs: logistic officer air navigator aerospace officer armoured officer artillery officer infanty officer maritime surface and sub surface officer pilot I don't want to be log officer because I...
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    Is laser eye surgery allowed?

    Is laser eye surgery allowed for aircrew trades? According to a study, 75% of adults need vision correction. I guess most people are not born with good vision to fly.
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    Applying to Not In Demand Positions

    Should I apply to jobs not in demand? I went to the recruiting center and I see many trades are open. But when I talk to the recruiter he told me "look to see what is in demand and see if you want to apply!" Am I wasting my time when I try to apply for jobs not in demand?
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    Lifestyle, Deployment and Camping

    When your stationed at a Canadian base, how many shifts do you get a week and how many hours is each shift? How often will you be sent out of your base to go camping with other soldiers? How many time will you be deployed oversea, and how long will each deployment be?
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    Air Control Officer Vs Air Control Operator. What is the Difference?

    Can anyone explain to me what is the difference between Air Control Officer and Air Control Operator? I still don't understand after watching the job description video provided by the military website.
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    Occupations for ROTP?

    What occupations are open under ROTP plan this year?
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    RMC housing expense and living style?

    How much is the residence fee per month? Is it covered or do I have to pay out of my pocket? Are there subsidized meal in RMC? Whats the advantage of going into RMC compared to a local University? What training do you get at RMC during the school semester?
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    Total Number of Each Trade In Army?

    Lets say the Canadian Forces Land Force Command have 20,000 regular staffs. How many of those peoples are infantries, tank crew and artillery crew? Is there a place I can look it up? Are the public allowed to know those figures or is it a secret because the Canadian Forces don't want the...