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    Looking for help with BGRS MDI Mortgage Default Insurance

    Hello, Posted this year and buying a house.  BGRS isn't answering questions though, so wanted to reach out in case someone knows the answer.  I am moving from a PMQ to a house, so do not have an existing mortgage to use (but which is still covered).  Mortgage Default Insurance is listed as...
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    I need help tracking down old editions of the Section and Platoon in Battle.

    Perhaps someone might have an old edition sitting in their basement by chance.  This is for a historical project which is why these specific editions are needed.  B-GL-309-003/FT-001 The Infantry Section and Platoon in Battle, (The one we all know and love.  The current edition is 1996) The...
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    Purpose of Reserve Maintenance trades?

    Well, my comments are probably out of date.  I spent five years as a weapons tech in the reserves.  I had a great time and got to do a great deal.  In terms of training I topped my third level qualification (tq3? don't know what it was called then) but also taught TQ1.  I also had local access...
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    Couple of questions on BOTC (non fitness)

    Thanks for all your help.  Your comments have helped out in what to expect.  I leave Sunday and feel pretty ready.
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    Couple of questions on BOTC (non fitness)

    Hi I will be attending St Jean in January for IAP/BOTC going DEO Armour.  I know a little bit of what to expect as I was previously in reserves, five years as weapons technician land.  It was 10 years ago (giving away my age I am 36) which is why there is no bypass for me.  I also have found...