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    For the guys who buy their vests/rigs with the molle what kind of pouches do you like and use.  I am going with either a TT or SOE chest rig and not sure what pouches and config I want to go with.
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    FS - Meindl Desert Fox Boots (new) size 10UK - 11 US/CDA

    I ordered from UK hoping they would fit (I am a 11.5 US). They fit an 11 US but not an 11.5. Awesome boots, obv never been worn 10UK = 11US $150 plus shipping (located in Edmonton)
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    Fitness Test when you get to St Jean

    I was wondering when you get to St Jean for IAP you do the fitness test and is it the same as the CFRC(VO2 Max step test) or is it the actual 2.4km run????
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    DEO pay for BOTC

    I was told from the RC that I will be starting at 2nd LT pay right from the start.  My friend just got back from getting the paperwork for his offer and they told him that he(DEO) along with everyone else starts at Officer Cadet pay until they pass BOTC. So we were both told two different...
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    LWOP and Pension

    I recently enrolled as a DEO before year end (March 31/05).  However the next soonest BOTC is Sept. 12th.  Therefor I have been placed on LWOP until Sept 9/05.  My question is, at what point after 25 years am I elgible for the CF pension(when I first swore in or when I was taken off LWOP)?? 
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    caffeine pills on BOTC??

    I am going to BOTC in Sept. as a DEO.  I do not drink coffee and well am rather disgusting by the smell and taste of it.  However if I do not get a caffeine fix I'll most likely fall asleep in the classroom.  So my question is...am I aloud to bring bottles of caffeine with me to St Jean??  The...
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    Is There Anything I can do in the meantime????

    Hey I was just wondering.....I recently sworn in to be a DEO Infantry Officer in the Reg Force.  I do not leave for basic officer training until September though.  So I was wondering if I could do any work for the Army in the city I am in (London).  I always see ads looking for summer help...
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    Am I going to starve in St Jean???

    I accepted a position as DEO Infantry officer and will be going to St Jean for the Sept 12th IAP/BOTP and then SLT.......My concern is I am 6'3 275lbs(really muscular athletic build) ......Naturally I eat alot, so what is the food like there, is it buffet style or are you only allowed one meal...
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    Finally!!! The Call Came!!!

    Wow, what a rollercoaster..... I graduated university with a honours bachelor of commerce degree back in May 2004.  My friend was in the reserves and always talked about what a great career it would be to be in the canadian armed forces.  So I went to the recruiting centre for some info, they...
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    Is This Possible for DEO?????

    My application got sent in to the fall selection board but my medical was still pending.   My medical was not cleared until about a week ago (end of january).   I went into the forces for an update and they told me that I was actually selected as a DEO but because my medical was not cleared the...
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    Now the waiting game

    Well I had my interview this morning and was told i am a competitive candidate for DEO in Logistics.  However the Captain said that he saw a number on my medical file that went out that may cause a problem.  So now there may be something wrong with my medical that may cause problems.....no clue...
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    Air Force, Navy, Army...

    What are the pros and cons of being an officer in A.  Air Force B.  Navy C.  Army I could not find any solid information on this.....
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    Someone Spreading some harsh rumours about the military in Canada

    Read what this woman is going around saying about the military in Alberta......as a future member of the Canadian Forces I took offence to what she had to say....I don't think she should be opening her big mouth like she is doing on a public forum....If   anyone wants the address of the message...
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    What about dogs????  my dog I veiw as my baby and I am sure i am closer to my dog than 99.9% of parents are to their kids....Do they have dog watchers or a dog kennel or something????
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    Food Serving Sizes??

    I was curious what the food is like when you do your training or are on base.  Is it unlimited proportions?? Kind of like a buffet 3x a day or do you just get a plate of food and that is all you get??  Is there something special for people with hearty appetites or who are larger than the average...
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    Logistics Officer - Sea [Merged]

    Hi, I am new here.  Planning on joining as a DEO for a logistics officer preferably in the Air Force.  I more or less spent the whole morning reading all the posts and recruiting faqs.  I guess it helped clear up a few things for me.  Firstly I was under the impression that it is not all that...