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  1. Cpl.Banks

    Great recruiting video

    Check out  http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=473158482184601925&q=army Great recruiting video for the Czech army Feel free to add any other video's!
  2. Cpl.Banks

    Inf. Officer advancement hindered?

    Hey everyone! First off I have been doing a great deal of research about our armed forces etc... I have been talking to graduates from RMC and from ROTP program to find out what its like. Interestingly enough, I told one of the now Ret. LT.Col in the air force that I was very interested in...
  3. Cpl.Banks

    Over There...new Series

    Has anybody seen the add for the new series that is supposed to start on the history channel called Over there. It's a series about the war in Iraq following some G.I's and their families at home.(fictional of course) Check it out: http://msnbc.msn.com/id/8646096/ UBIQUE!!!
  4. Cpl.Banks

    British Highlander dies in Aberta while on live fire exercise.

    Soldier dies in firing exercise  Dale Cowie died when his Minimi light machine gun went off A British soldier has died on a live firing exercise in Canada, the Ministry of Defence has confirmed. Dale Cowie, 19, from Buckie, in Moray, was trying to clear a stoppage in his Minimi light...
  5. Cpl.Banks

    Blind leading the blind (now with limited guidance)

    How big is the Magasine in the new MGS? Are we talking less than thirty rounds? UBIQUE!!!!!!!!
  6. Cpl.Banks

    Rmc---> Better to be in the Reserves or in cadets?

    Hey everyone! I was wondering, since i have just turned 16 I wanted to know what would be what would be better for my application to RMC, a military backround in the Reserves or a semi military approach with Cadets, With Cadets though I would be doing the Para course. My marks are pretty solid...