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  1. Maxadia

    "Seagull" - ?

    Question for the wise elders.....where did the GPO callsign "Seagull" come from? (actually looking for the real answer, but eagerly awaiting the funny comments  :D)
  2. Maxadia

    "Will M" - contact info?

    Does anyone have Will M's contact info?  I have been trying to reach him through the email button on here and PM, without success. Thanks in advance.
  3. Maxadia

    DP 1.1 Gagetown Dates

    Trying to get ahead of the curve for a leave from work, and unsuccessful so far....does anyone have any SA on dates for DP1.1 in Gagetown this spring? Thanks.
  4. Maxadia

    riding snowmobile with rifle

    Does anyone have any tricks for carrying a rifle while snowmobiling?  Do you just sling it over your back with a wide sling to get over your winter gear? Thanks.
  5. Maxadia

    is there a durable AND waterproof iPad mini case out there?

    The only things I found when searching related to the actual iPads, and from three years ago.  Lifeproof are waterproof, Griffin Survivors are indestructible....is there a case out there that is both that would be suitable for the field?
  6. Maxadia

    artillery coin 1871-1921

    Has anyone seen one of these before, or have any background information on these?  From what I have seen, the game of "coining" has only become really popular in the past few decades.
  7. Maxadia

    MAPS system - online materials

    Does anyone happen to have any online links to documentation that might be useful to learning the MAPS system?  Thanks.
  8. Maxadia

    Hitler's bodyguard dies

  9. Maxadia

    military style decals/paint...pictures/thoughts?

    First of all, I'm not planning to put any on any of my vehicles.  Secondly, I am actually a reservist, not someone without any military background.  But every now and then I see people driving vehicles around with...shall we say....military theme decals or paint. What'everyone's thoughts on...
  10. Maxadia

    info on late 1950's reserve army uniform

    I'm trying to find some info and some pictures on the army reserve uniforms from the late 1950's.  I have an old picture of my father, and I'd like to get it digitally redone for him.  If anyone could direct me to a website showing some uniforms in colour, etc. that'd be great. Thanks.
  11. Maxadia

    LOA letter for employer

    My current supervisor (school principal) has asked me to submit a request for leave in order to complete officer training.  The fortunate part is, he would like me to submit reasons supporting his wish to have me continue to be paid for the two weeks leave that I will need.  I am a high school...
  12. Maxadia

    travelling to Phoenix - attractions?

    Heading there next week...anything with a military slant of importance that I should really check out while I'm there? Thanks.
  13. Maxadia

    need some current info on course names and progression - officer

    I work with a very small unit, kind of isolated, and I'm getting some very different information regarding my potential course loads. Please correct me if I am wrong in any of the following: 1) I am one of four officers on a BMQ course.  I believe that we officers are actually loaded into the...
  14. Maxadia

    The Technoviking case: Who owns the rights to your image?

  15. Maxadia

    Retired Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf, who led 1991 Operation Desert Storm, dead at 78

  16. Maxadia

    Farewell to another D-Day veteran

    http://www.ctvnews.ca/entertainment/charles-durning-king-of-the-character-actors-dies-at-89-1.1091550 Wow....and the hard azz of the day award goes to.... :salute: :salute: :salute:
  17. Maxadia

    Taliban PR accidentally emails out entire mailing list

    ;D ;D ;D http://news.nationalpost.com/2012/11/16/taliban-pr-accidentally-emails-out-entire-mailing-list/
  18. Maxadia

    beret without cap badge

    Is wearing a beret without a cap badge a chargeable offence? I cannot seem to find a regulation specifically stating that it is chargeable.  Only asking because I have been told to find a reference to the regulation that specifically states that.
  19. Maxadia

    kit storage

    Okay, I know I have seen this topic before, and the answers were pretty much "store it wherever the hell you want to store it, however you like." Which I have no problem with.  However, the first time I went through Basic, I remember getting a green duffle bag, rucksack, and the small boot...