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  1. Gorgo

    Honours to a Captain boarding an RN Warship

    Quick question: I have looked all over the Internet to find information about what happens when a ship's captain boards his own ship while at port. Naturally, a side party is there to pipe him aboard, but how is the captain verbally hailed when he boards the ship by the QMOW/BMOW. Is it by...
  2. Gorgo

    Namesake of Armoury in Vernon

    To Anyone from the British Columbia Dragoons (or other units) who can answer this question: I've looked and looked and looked for all information concerning the namesake of the Brig Murphy Armoury in Vernon next to the Army Cadet camp.  Try as I might, I can't find a thing.  Does anyone know...
  3. Gorgo

    General Question: Naval Facility on the Saint Lawrence Near Trois-Rivières

    Just out of general curiosity.  I know I've seen information about a Navy facility on the southern shores of the Saint Lawrence River between Montréal and Québec City.  It's some sort of testing facility, but no matter where I look, I can't find any information about this location. Anyone have...
  4. Gorgo

    New Badge of the RCMS?

    Was scanning through the Canadian Heraldic Authority's listings at the Governor General's website and I saw this: https://reg.gg.ca/heraldry/pub-reg/project.asp?lang=e&ProjectID=3148&ShowAll=1 Is this some sort of new badge planned for members of the RCMS?
  5. Gorgo

    FS Minerve Located

    Wonderful but very sad news for the French Navy and the relatives of the loss. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-49068823?ocid=socialflow_twitter
  6. Gorgo

    Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery School - Assigned Batteries

    Hi, just a curious question here. What exactly are the tasks and duties of the three batteries currently assigned to the RCAS in Gagetown ("W" Bty, 45 Bty and 65 Bty)? I know the two numbered batteries are marked as "depot" batteries, but nothing I've read describes anything beyond that.
  7. Gorgo

    DND Website Issues

    Have people been having issues getting into the DND website dnd.ca?  Every time I've tried for the last week or so, it takes forever to try to download something...and in the end, I get nothing.
  8. Gorgo

    The Bluenosers Are Coming Back (?!)

    Just saw this article at the DND website: http://www.rcaf-arc.forces.gc.ca/en/article-template-standard.page?doc=from-tholthorpe-to-trenton-the-history-of-434-bluenose-squadron/jhf5kq9w 434 Squadron's coming back as a Test and Evaluation Squadron at Trenton.
  9. Gorgo

    New badges on Army Service Dress

    I'm not sure this is the right conversation to post this in, but I just noticed this when I went on Facebook:  The people at the CADTC are now wearing what looks to me like the I Canadian Corps formation patch.  Is that authorized?
  10. Gorgo

    Fighter Squadron Internal Structure

    Quick question to those who would know: How exactly are our fighter squadrons (409 and 425) administratively structured?  I would assume given the number of CF-188s we have left, there would be multiple flying flights plus an administration flight for all the headquarters work.  And how many...
  11. Gorgo

    Canadian Forces Joint Headquarters

    With CFJHQ now transformed back into 1 CDN DIV HQ, I doubt I could find anything on the former unit's internal workings. So here's my question:  How exactly was the Joint Headquarters set up?  Was it the classical J1, J2, J3, etc setup of staff officers under a LCol as commanding officer of the...
  12. Gorgo

    2e Bataillon Royal 22e Régiment and la Citadelle

    To those who would know about this (and apologies if this has been discussed before as the search function is overloaded): Are all elements of 2e R22eR based inside the Citadelle?  Or do some parts work out of Valcartier?
  13. Gorgo

    Air Weapons Ranges Near Bagotville

    Quick question:  When the folks of 409 and 410 Squadron need to do air weapons training with their CF-188s, they've got the Primrose Lake AWR just north of Cold Lake itself.  What about the people in 425 Squadron in Bagotville?  Do they have an AWR they can use or what happens?
  14. Gorgo

    Drum Majors and the Stadacona/Naden Bands

    Quick question for those who may know: Do the Stadacona Band of MARLANT and the Naden Band of MARPAC allow the position of Drum Major to exist in their units?  And if so, are the Drum Major appointment insignia worn on their uniforms?
  15. Gorgo

    Radar Operators on Ground

    Due to the server not allowing me to do a search on this, I have to ask it this way: Who exactly in the Army handles all mobile radar systems, both operating and maintenance?  Or is this part of the ATIS Tech trade in the RCAF?
  16. Gorgo

    Question About the Army Service Uniform

    A question about the officer's rank insignia on the shoulder straps:  Is the background color of the rank straps supposed to be in the approved color of the branch of service (i.e. light blue for infantry)?
  17. Gorgo

    11 Wing?

    To anyone who might know about this: I was visiting the Governor General's website and scanning through the Canadian Heraldic Authority listing of badges when lo and behold, there was an entry for an 11 Wing based out of Montreal. Does anyone have any idea what this particular formation - if...
  18. Gorgo

    1 Air Movements Squadron

    Quick question:  Is 1 Air Movements Squadron in Winnipeg (formerly Edmonton) still an active unit or has it been disbanded?  And what about any of the other movements units outside 2 AMS in Trenton?
  19. Gorgo

    Battle Honours for HMCS la Hulloise

    For those Naval history buffs out there, a question:  What were the battle honours won by HMCS la Hulloise (pendant K668, later FFE-305)?  I've looked everywhere on the Net and can't find a thing. Thanks again!
  20. Gorgo

    Pre-WENG TECH Trade Amalgamation Question

    Apologies to everyone on the board for this question. I've noticed the move recently to amalgamate the CSE trades into a single trade - divided into categories that fit the older trade structure - over the last couple of years, but I have a question about the older naval electronics technician...