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  1. hhour48

    Free 5-Day Business Workshop for Veterans

    [Mods team: let me know if this is not allowed] If you ever wanted to launch your own online business; or if you already own a business that needs online growth - this is for you. I used to be active on this forum when I was a young Pte, 20 years ago and spent a lot of time here back in the day...
  2. hhour48

    bin Laden offers a truce

    CIA believes terror tape is of bin Laden Tape warns Americans of impending attacks, offers truce Thursday, January 19, 2006; Posted: 2:36 p.m. EST (19:36 GMT) (CNN) -- CIA officials believe an audiotaped message threatening the United States is from al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, who warns...
  3. hhour48

    Russians in the CF

    Just wondering if there are any serving members (or those wishing to join the CF) of russian descent on here. I've found a website dedicated to such types... http://www.druzhina.ca
  4. hhour48

    Canadian killed in Chechnya

    Russian Special forces have killed four terrorists last week during a raid in Chechnya, one of them was a Canadian...
  5. hhour48

    64 pattern utility straps

    Where can i get the big thick 64 pattern utility straps, or what can i use in absence of those? I know they can be obtained from aircraft cargo containers, but I won‘t be in Trenton anytime soon...
  6. hhour48

    Non-Issue Kit

    What is the current CF policy on wearing non-issue kit in the field (i.e. load-bearing gear), provided that it is in OD/CADPAT? I know that CANFORGEN allows civvie pattern "patrol packs", as long as they are in "acceptable colour"...
  7. hhour48

    Soldier, bank robber released on parole

    Soldier, bank robber released on parole A year ago, disgraced soldier described as ‘walking time bomb‘ Gary Dimmock Ottawa Citizen Photo by a Channel Darnell Bass, seen in the back of a police vehicle on his way to court at the time of his trial, hopes to operate his own business...
  8. hhour48

    Chechnya 1995. Assault on Downtown Grozny

    Book by Capt. Mironov who fought in that war. Thought you might find this interesting, including the details of a full-scale war in an urban area.