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  1. OLD F of S

    Persistence and perserverance pays...

      Congrats HL you have hung in there and won the gold ring, with your attitude you will go a long way in the CF we are pulling for you.                                         Regards OLD F of S
  2. OLD F of S

    Discipline, and the NCO My latest story....

        Mud to me you were carrying out your duties as a Snr NCO if you see an infraction you take care of it. Small matters of discipline become larger if the individual is not made aware of infractions, you are in fact assisting the offender by displaying that rulues are for everyone who signs the...
  3. OLD F of S

    Communicator Research

        I was a tech in comm research for over twenty years and yes we fix most of the equipment. You may even have a hand in building certain projects. I had the pleasure of building and installing in Alert the first remote system to Leitrim. You will never run out of things to fix.          ...
  4. OLD F of S

    Quitting Smoking

          Thanks to everyone this has answered some of my questions and I appreciate the quick response. After reading the info on zyban and various reactions from spouses and members, I decided to go cold trukey.  So far have only kicked the dog once, pretty well left wife alone she fights back...
  5. OLD F of S

    Quitting Smoking

        Springroll was there any adverse effects with the zyban?                             Regards OLD Fof S
  6. OLD F of S

    U.S. Presidential Unit Citation Presented to Joint Task Force Two

          Bravo Zulu JTF2 you have done us proud                         OLD F of S
  7. OLD F of S


        Mods you can lock this it has been answered to my satisfaction.                                       Regards OLD Fof S
  8. OLD F of S


        Thanks Military Granny your quick answer was appreciated.                 Regards OLD F of S
  9. OLD F of S


        In the current military news update there is a story about Murder Confession CWM exhiit centerpiece I tried to read it but cannot get the National Post story could anyone enlighten this old soldier as to what they are refering.                                           Regards OLD F of S
  10. OLD F of S

    Getting rid of snapping turtles

      Turtles 0, OLD F of S 6 I have made it very unhospitable for snappers to venture into my fish pond. I have dug up around 60 eggs and destroyed same, perhaps problem solved thanks for the input lads.                                         Regards OLD F of S
  11. OLD F of S

    Getting rid of snapping turtles

            Has anyone ideas on how to get rid of these pests? I have just stocked my pond with 200 8 inch rainbow trout and I am worried about the fish being eaten. I have dispatched two to turtle heaven but I am wondering how I can discourage these critters.                                  ...
  12. OLD F of S


          22 Hornet accurate and has suffcient power for varmit hunting as I roar around the countryside each day in my trusty old jeep.                               Regards OLD F of S
  13. OLD F of S

    APRIL FOOLS 2006 - Army.ca Transfer of Ownership

      The only way to make it better would be transfering ownership to Scott Taylor                         Good One Mike OLD F of S
  14. OLD F of S

    Rarest piece of kit I've ever seen

            Back to the topic the rarest kit I have seen was a 19 set for sale last time I saw one I was removing it from a Sherman tank.                                       Regards OLD F of S
  15. OLD F of S

    Advice for women on BMQ and other courses [MERGED]

          Does that mean you only march with Britney Spears, get over it.                                 Regards OLD F of S
  16. OLD F of S

    Offr-NCO-NCM Relationships

        I agree with the post , but there are some exceptions while I served in CFS Bermuda i belonged to a combined mess Snr Ncos and Officers in many ways this complimented our day to day work. I was posted from there to a sigs regt where a combined mess could not have worked without affecting the...
  17. OLD F of S

    The Great Gun Control Debate

      Thanks to everyone for helping me to understand a few points, if I had thought about it I have 6 weapons registered and at no time did I really list the location of the weapons during the application process.  Again thanks.                                     Regards OLD F of S
  18. OLD F of S

    The Great Gun Control Debate

      I am still curious what law enforcement thinks of this move. I don't know how much they use the info in realation to answering a call and will it affect their saftey by not being able to know if there are weapons available.                   Regards OLD F of S
  19. OLD F of S

    The Great Gun Control Debate

        I have just finished reading tthe ctv news report about the conservatives have appointed 3 members toget rid of the gun registry. My question is how much opposition will come from the law enforcement  community.                                     Regards OLD F of S
  20. OLD F of S

    What it was like in the 70s?

      FLQ and free trip to Montreal   UNEF 2 free trip to Cario                               Regards OLD F of S