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  1. Pencil Tech

    Logistik now have "Belgian - Style" Beret

    Just FYI, I just logged into Clothing Online and in my 'catalogue" they are now offering only "Belgian-style" berets in green and black, in case anybody is interested. The red and maroon are still the old style ones, but I guess they'll be replaced too. Looks like this is going to be the...
  2. Pencil Tech

    Cost of Chinook Helicopter

    OK, the helicopter announcement went out today and the CBC reported it as being worth $4.7 billion - $2 billion for the aircraft and 2.7 billion for the maintenance contracts.So $2 billion for the aircraft. That works out to $125 million each, and yet I've seen the price of an individual CH-47F...
  3. Pencil Tech

    Canada Reviving the Victoria Cross!

    This is from the National Post today, 8/11/2005 :D Sixty years after the last Canadian won the Victoria Cross, the highest award for bravery in the British Commonwealth, the government is preparing to produce the first prototype of Canada's version of the coveted decoration. Canada has had...
  4. Pencil Tech

    CADPAT Puttees

    Lots of folks on these boards have commented on the amount of time and money CTS seems to putting into the seemingly dubious project to make CADPAT combat boots. If they want CADPAT on boots, wouldn't it be simpler to come up with some cheap and easy to use CADPAT puttees? What do people think?
  5. Pencil Tech

    Jean To Renounce French Citizenship

    Sunday, September 25, 2005 Posted at 7:30 PM EDT Canadian Press Ottawa - Michaëlle Jean is giving up her dual citizenship in France as she prepares to take over as governor-general - a post that will make her the titular head of the Canadian military. "In light of the responsibilities...
  6. Pencil Tech

    Military Wish-list To Be Delivered This Fall

    From the Globe and Mail 14/09/2005 http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/story/RTGAM.20050914.wgraham0914/BNStory/National/ By STEPHEN THORNE Wednesday, September 14, 2005 Canadian Press Ottawa - Defence Minister Bill Graham will go to cabinet this fall with proposals to buy new...
  7. Pencil Tech

    Why Is A Belgique Beret "Belgique"?

    Does anyone know why these berets are called "Belgique" berets? "Belgique" means "Belgian" in French. I've looked at the Belgian army's web site and they actually wear standard berets with a leather band so it hasn't got anything to with them. Mine were made in Canada by Parkhurst. So what's up...
  8. Pencil Tech

    Supp Res and CD

    Would anybody know if Supplementary Reserve service counts as qualifying time for the Canadian Forces Decoration?
  9. Pencil Tech

    Graphics Won't Open

    For the last few weeks, the army.ca site has gone kind of haywire on my computer, which is an Apple G3 with OS 9 and a high speed cable connection. I used to have the site bookmarked at www.army.ca then a few weeks ago I found that when I clicked on that URL bookmark nothing would happen. So I...
  10. Pencil Tech

    MILCOTS conversion

    I was thinking of starting this as a thread called "Your Favourite Crazy Army Policies" but, anyway, I just got my 404s last month and asked for a MILCOTS conversion, which is a 4-hour course - you don't even drive the thing. I was told I had to have my 404s for a year before I could take it. So...
  11. Pencil Tech

    Zeroing C79

    This is a dumb question, but as a reservist you don't go to the range that often, and every time we go for PWT/MLOC a range officer zeros my sight. I was never shown how to do it on the courses I've been on. Which of the two adjustment screws dous up-down and which one does right-left? And which...
  12. Pencil Tech

    U.S. Army - Chest Full of Ribbons

    I saw a picture of "Specialist " Charles Graner today - the guy on trial in the States over the Iraq prison torture business - and he had about four rows of ribbons on his uniform. Can anybody tell me why the U.S. seem to have so many ribbons? Do they all represent actual individual medals?