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  1. Mike Baker

    Man I hate Paypal

    I really hate paypal! I've been trying to set it up for my BMO account for a long time, but it never ever works. Anyone else have silly troubles with trying to set one up?
  2. Mike Baker

    xBox 360 question

    Okay, so I decided that I was going to put some songs on my 360 just then, so I got a good cd to rip onto the hard drive, and out of the 23 songs there, only 8 went on. I have no clue to why. Anyone want to help this simple mind? ;D
  3. Mike Baker

    Question since I'm overly sick right now.

    Folks, I am really really sick right now. I'm unable to keep anything in me at all, and if I try, a few minutes later it fly's right back out again. Also got the similar problem with my back end, if you know what I mean. But my question is, does anyone know of a way for me to stay hydrated...
  4. Mike Baker

    Interview with CDS Gen Natynczyk

    Found this one on Defense News. Here's the link There's more on the link.
  5. Mike Baker

    Who will cause Obama's first 3 a.m. call?

    Shared under the......you get it by now. LINK Intresting article in my opinion.
  6. Mike Baker

    Location of the Royal Canadian Legion in St. John's?

    Can anyone tell me where the Royal Canadian Legion is located at in St. John's, NL? I've looked all over and can't seem to find it. I'd like to swing by there this week when I'm in there. Cheers Beaver
  7. Mike Baker

    U.S. Election in 7 days, what's your prediction?

    As the question asks you, who do you think will get the big chair in the Oval Office? Beav
  8. Mike Baker

    Scenes from a helmet

    Okay, new game. It's just like scenes from a hat on Who's line is it anyway, but more Military ;) Here's one: Bad ideas for IMPs. Pte. Bloggins: *opens up IMP* "Tofu burger an Lima beans???" Keep 'er goin'! :warstory: Beav
  9. Mike Baker

    The Beaver

    'Cause I like the sound of it, kay? ;D Beave
  10. Mike Baker

    Ever want to hear kid songs done by rock bands?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=te-POj3qNWs :rofl: Deadpan
  11. Mike Baker

    NATO members wonder: Will defense promises hold?

    LINK More on link. Deadpan
  12. Mike Baker

    Armed 85-year-old woman makes intruder call cops in Pennsylvania

    LINK More on the link. Way to go Ma'am! ;D -Deadpan
  13. Mike Baker

    Russia’s new nuclear challenge to Europe

    LINK More on the link. Mods do you think it's possible to merge most of the topics regarding Russia. Like a Russian Super Thread? -Deadpan
  14. Mike Baker

    MCpl. Josh Roberts - 2 PPCLI - Sat. Aug. 9 2008

    LINK Damnit! :'( RIP Troop :salute: :cdn: -Deadpan
  15. Mike Baker

    Pakistani President Musharraf faces impeachment

    LINK More on Link. I wonder what this may cause to our troops in Afghanistan, if any. -Dead
  16. Mike Baker

    Fired generals lead coup in Mauritania

    LINK More on link. -Deadpan
  17. Mike Baker

    India-Pakistan in Kashmir 'major skirmish'

    LINK More on link -Deadpan
  18. Mike Baker

    India on alert as death toll from bombs rises

    LINK More on link. -Deadpan
  19. Mike Baker

    UK, Danish soldiers killed in Afghanistan

    LINK More on link. RIP Troops :salute: -Deadpan
  20. Mike Baker

    Bomb sweeps missed anti-tank weapons, mortars: documents

    LINK More on link. -Deadpan