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  1. bLUE fOX


    Good morning, If anyone out there has access to DWAN or the DIN, I would greatly appreciate your assistance in getting the subject MARCORD. I am trying to find it to reference it for a school project. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.
  2. bLUE fOX

    Class B reserve service less then 180 days and annual leave

    Good day all. The situation is this: Presently I am attached posted to an air cadet summer training centre. the "offer of employment" is for 55 days. It is my understanding that class b reservists are entitled to 1 day of leave for every 15 worked. Meaning I would get 3 days of annual leave in...
  3. bLUE fOX

    use of cadet ranks

    Hey All, I was wondering if anyone here knows the official policy (with referances) for the use of cadet ranks in official documents? I was under the notion that all cadet ranks are to be prefaced with Cdt. I am being told this is incorrect, but want i want to be safe. Any help that you could...
  4. bLUE fOX

    CIC to Canadian Rangers

    Hello all. To start with, this is my current situation. I have recently returned from Kandahar after a seven month stint with SNC Lavalin PAE. Prior to that I was a CIC officer with seven years experience, having completed BOQ, MOC (Sea), LTQ, cadet unit supply officer course and assorted...
  5. bLUE fOX

    CSD as it applies to reservists with civie-jobs on base

    Hello, Recently, I was talking with a friend, and this topic came up.  It was mentioned that a lot of the punishments that can be doled out to the military (ie extra drill and training, detention barracks,etc) are not or can not be given to civilians.  I am highly skeptical of this, but...
  6. bLUE fOX

    help settle a bet

    I am trying to settle a gentlemen's  bet about PERI. I have scoured the internet, the CFP 201, Cadet Dress regs and this site, and have thus far found nothing. My questions are as follows: 1) The grey issue pants, shorts, shirts and sweaters, are they an actual level of dress? and if so what is...
  7. bLUE fOX

    SNC PAE hiring process.

    Hello, I have a few questions about SNC and there "deployed operations" in Kandahar. After a long bout of unemployment, I applied again to SNC Lavalin for the position of warehouse clerk at Kandahar Airfield. Much to my surprise, the called me back the next day and the fellow was very friendly...
  8. bLUE fOX

    Yukon Lodge type service

    Hello, I am wondering if any other bases in Canada operate a service like the Yukon Lodge in CFB Trenton. I mean, If I am a serving member (reservist) can I arrange to stay on site at another base if I am just passing through?and if so,who would I get into contact about with that? Any help would...
  9. bLUE fOX

    Guest speaker form MAMH

    Hello, I am looking for some in put form officers or cadets in the Ontario are who have had experience with the Museum of Applied military history. I have been told that I will be taking over as training officer next year and thought I would like to try something different for the remembrance...
  10. bLUE fOX

    OPME and the DIN

    I think this might be more of an admin question than an RMC question, so here goes. I am interested in applying for an OPME course, but the OPME website says I need a computer with access to the defence information network. My question is how do I go about doing this? i am an officer at a a Sea...
  11. bLUE fOX

    Going to Trenton

    Hello all, I am hopping an airforce type might be able to help with this (it is and isn't military related at the same time. I am going to CFB Trenton on the weekend to visit a friend who is posted there as an instructor with the cadet camp, and also cause i hear th have a wicked cool aviation...
  12. bLUE fOX

    CIC Training opprotunities

    I am wondering if there are other CF courses open to CIC outside of main CIC training, example dive,parachutist or even trades training. Thanks
  13. bLUE fOX

    Shymko's in the service

    Hello, I am looking for stories, anecdotes, etc for two great uncles. The first is Cpl John Shymko who served with the South Saskatchewan Regiment at Dieppe and latter with the First Canadian Parachute Battalion. He jumped with them into Normandy and was latter captured and spent the rest of the...