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  1. PPCLI Guy

    And now for something important - Soccer

    So how about the Men's National Team beating the US today in World Cup Qualifying. We just might qualify for the first time since Mexico '68
  2. PPCLI Guy

    The Return of the Premiership

    One day until soccer returns.  Can't wait.
  3. PPCLI Guy

    Christmas Sabbath...Black Sabbath

    One of my all time favourite songs
  4. PPCLI Guy

    You know you are military when...

    You mark out your landscaping lines with mine tape
  5. PPCLI Guy

    Marijuana and Other Drugs - Testing For Impairment

    Well, I read it on the Internet, so clearly it stays in my system for 2-30 days..... As opposed to say, the saliva tests that will be issued to the Police Forces here, which focus on whether or not you are intoxicated at the moment of testing, like, say, alcohol.
  6. PPCLI Guy

    On Political Correctness

    An interesting take on a wholly over-used term.....and on faux-outrage. https://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/post-partisan/wp/2018/06/19/a-cage-is-a-cage-is-a-cage/?utm_term=.236f1068ae6e .
  7. PPCLI Guy

    Suggested changes to CAF TOS [split from changes to dress]

    The same people (or their ilk) who thought that the world would end as a result of a host of things, including: unification, women serving on ships and in the combat arms, homosexuals serving in the military at all etc, and also thought that drinking during the day, strippers in the mess at...
  8. PPCLI Guy

    US to establish martial law?

    Politics is decidedly odd here.... http://www.washingtonpost.com/national/the-americans-are-coming-texans-fear-obama-led-us-military-invasion/2015/07/04/58047fee-2001-11e5-84d5-eb37ee8eaa61_story.html Posted in accordance with the Fair Dealings etc
  9. PPCLI Guy


    The third iteration of the 1 CMBG Ex THUNDERING RAM is set to go on 16 and 17 June.  The ride destination this year is Jasper for the Edmonton based soldiers, and Kenora for those based in Shilo.  So far, over 150 members of the Brigade have signed up for the ride, and it promises to be a great...
  10. PPCLI Guy

    Reducing geographic posting tempo & 3 year Comd terms (from: Benefits Cut...)

    The real problem is our insistence on moving 20% of the Force every year.  We need to revise our HR model and develop career patterns that only invoke mobility when it is essential to either the military need or the professional development of the member.  I would argue that you can create a...
  11. PPCLI Guy

    The Running of the Ram

    1 CMBG is conducting a military Poker Run on 6-7 Sep to raise funds for Valour Place.  Any 1 CMBG member who donates $40 will be permitted to take part (less those teaching on a course or in the field).  Personnel from Shilo will granted an additional 2 days of Community Leave in order to...
  12. PPCLI Guy

    World's Superpower stopped in tracks....by snow

    So the US Government is shut down again today due to snow.  http://www.opm.gov/ The big storm hit DC on Friday / Saturday, and the US Government has been closed for business since.  In fairness, we are in the middle of another big storm with 12-15 inches and blowing snow, on top of the 30...
  13. PPCLI Guy

    Successful 60th AGM of the PPCLI Association

    I have just returned from the 60th Annual General Meeting of the PPCLI Association in Calgary.  It was a thoroughly successful and enjoyable event.  Of 800-odd paid up members, over 400 attended - aided no doubt by the attendance of both Lady Patricia and Mme Clarkson, as they conducted a...
  14. PPCLI Guy

    Strong Contender 07

    The results are in, and the Aggregate Champions are:  Major Unit - 1 Svc Bn  Minor Unit - 1 Fd Amb. Overall it was very successful, and a lot of fun was had by participants spectators, and families alike.
  15. PPCLI Guy

    Questions About Restoring a Lee Enfield

    My father in law left my wife a rifle when he passed away, and I am now in the process of restoring it - and have no experience with this whatsoever, so I have a few questions.  The markings on the rifle say that it is a No4 MK1 ROF (F)F T A 1943 AK 2580. My father in law appears to have...
  16. PPCLI Guy

    political compass

    And here I am at: Your political compass Economic Left/Right: -3.25 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -3.69 And I thought I was more liberal than that.....
  17. PPCLI Guy

    Never mind Ignatieff - what about Brian Tobin

    Brian Tobin, currently working for Belinda's Dad, has managed to avoid most of the taint of the last few years, albeit solely by virtue of havving retired again.  I would be shocked if there weren't some in the party that are working on / hoping for his return Dave
  18. PPCLI Guy

    Parameters Article on Role of US Army in FSE

    An interesting article in Parameters: http://carlisle-www.army.mil/usawc/Parameters/05spring/metz.htm entitled: Intervention, Stabilization, and Transformation Operations: The Role of Landpower in the New Strategic Environment Here are some highlights: It is not so much revolutionary as...
  19. PPCLI Guy

    Real Reno Nightmares

    I live in a turn of the century townhouse in the Beach in Toronto.   I rent, but the landlord is more than happy to pay for materials (and the odd tool that I slip in) in order to get work done around the house.   We have been in th house since 2001, and it looks like we will be here for at...
  20. PPCLI Guy

    Thinking Outside the Box - A Physics Spin

    Sir Ernest Rutherford, President of the Royal Academy, and recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physics, related the following story: Some time ago I received a call from a colleague. He was about to give a student a zero for his answer to a physics question, while the student claimed a perfect...