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  1. Nicholas Cressman

    Stolen Challenge coin #41

    probably not going to happen, but figured I'd giver a shot. if anyone finds someone with challenge coin #41, PLEASE report them to the admins here, as that coin was stolen, along with my laptop, camera, and 2 cell phones, from me while I was at St. Jean (mega) just before easter this year. It...
  2. Nicholas Cressman

    I'm impressed

    I started my application process back on April 1st, finished all my testing save for my Fitness test, and when it came time for my fitness test, I got injured at work a week prior. No biggie, I attempted it anyway, and failed. So I re-schedule for 2 weeks later, thinking that I will be better by...
  3. Nicholas Cressman

    Trade listings

    Okay, I just completed my CFAT today, and I was given a list of all the trades I qualify for. in the list, is the MOC #, which I immediatly recognize, as well as the shortened form of the trade name. then is where I get lost. after some of the trade names, is an asteriks, or two. and there is...
  4. Nicholas Cressman

    Location of 26, 28 Svc. Batt

    I have started my application process for the regs. but I am now looking at the reserves because I have the possiblity of going to college in sept, so that counts out the reg for at least a year. My trade choice was (and still is) 421, Weapons Tech. and I am hoping that I can keep that MOC in...
  5. Nicholas Cressman

    Delaying enlistment

    Okay, so I have recently started my process, with my CFAT this coming wed. and the rest of my testing and interview on May 4th. But, I am also applying for college next year. (parent's wishes) My question is this, if I have all my testing done, and get accepted for my first choice (which is...
  6. Nicholas Cressman

    New fiscal year numbers

    As many of you know, today is the beginning of the new fiscal year, and as such, the recruiting centres recieved a list of how mant soldiers are needed this fiscal year (today through March 31, 2006) I only fould out the numbers for the trades I applied for, but I was wondering what the rest of...
  7. Nicholas Cressman

    Tool kisses Bumper

    Saw this on another forum, had to post it here for you guys. http://www.uwm.edu/~keobrien/UPSs/sub_1631.wmv this guy deserves what he gets, if you notice, he tries to hit a kid, and ends up getting himself in the process. Nic
  8. Nicholas Cressman

    Post count Freeze

    It's not a big deal, just something I thought the Admin should be aware of, Myself and a few other members have noticed that our post counts have frozen, meaning that creating a new post does not credit to the count. Thanks -Nic
  9. Nicholas Cressman

    Shooting on Toronto city bus

    Just saw it on the news, Police are looking for 3 to 5 suspects. A 24 year old man was shot 3 times and is in critical condition at Toronto's sunnybrook hospital. An 11 year old girl was also struck and is in toronto Childrens hospital. Will have link tomorrow.
  10. Nicholas Cressman

    McDonalds Monopoly

    Okay, I know this is a long shot, but maybe one of you out there has the piece. I am looking for the individual who has/will uncover the collect&win game piece that is ''Boardwalk'' from the Monopoly game running at Mcdonalds right now. I have Park Place, and need Boardwalk to win the...
  11. Nicholas Cressman

    Fallout Shelters

    I was watching a program on Television, and they were talking about the fallout shelters that were quote unquote 'secretly' built during the cold war, and then abbandoned in the early 90s. My question is this:               Would there be a possible use for these facilities/properties by the...
  12. Nicholas Cressman

    Surplus Store Database

    OK, I figure it's about time someone started a database of surplus stores across Canada, for information purposes. I am going to start things off with a few from my neck of the woods, Kitchener / Waterloo. [list]1. KW Surplus, 666 Victoria Rd. S, Kitchener 2. ABC Surplus, 46 Queen St. S,  ...
  13. Nicholas Cressman

    Anyone else time travelling??

    OK, first off, no, I do not believe that I am actually travelling through time, that would be just plain cool. My problem is this: When I check or update my profile, or visit certain sections of the site, it tells me that it is about 11:29 on June 18th. and I can't read any of the posts after...
  14. Nicholas Cressman

    Results are in.......Hockey

    Unfortunatly, Our Calgary Flames were beaten 2 to 1 just a few short minutes ago.
  15. Nicholas Cressman

    St. Jean BMQ dates

    I wanted to know, I am probably going to be submitting my app. soon (finaly), and I was wondering, after the summer, which I pretty much know I will not be accepted in time for, when do the BMQ courses run in St. Jean? I Heard from someone that they start a course every 5 weeks, and there are...
  16. Nicholas Cressman

    Regular or Reserve

    This is not so much a question, as looking for advice on what to decide. I am 18 years old, and in the middle of my application papers, I have been, up untill now, ready to join the 31CER in waterloo(when it gets up and running) but have recently found myself wondering wether or not to just go...