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  1. Tibbson

    RN Medals Placement

    I've noted that medals are worn quite high up, almost at the shoulder, on the RN dress uniform.  Seems the RCN used to wear them in the same fashion as well however over the years they were lowered more to the chest. Does anyone know the reason for the RN tradition of wearing medals so high on...
  2. Tibbson

    91 Year Old Vet Finally Gets His Medals

    http://www.ctvnews.ca/video?playlistId=1.2280938 I'm glad to see he finally got what he deserves but it's a little distressing it took 70+ years.  I also find it appalling that he just received them in the mail and had to get them presented by his "lunch buddies".  Surely they could have been...
  3. Tibbson

    Soldiers more likely to have experienced childhood abuse: study

    Canadian soldiers appear to be more likely than their civilian counterparts to have experienced abuse, including corporal punishment, or to have witnessed domestic violence as children, new research aimed at exploring the incidence of depression and suicide in the military suggests...
  4. Tibbson

    Proper Use of Post-Nominals

    I've been poking around this forum for a few months now, commenting occasionally, and I've noticed that generally speaking it's frequented by people that are pretty knowledgeable or who possess the sufficient degree of common sense required to form a sentence.  Of course, there are always...
  5. Tibbson

    New Generation Asking "Why?"

    I seem to hear that more and more these days.  Maybe it's the younger generation (says the dinosaur) but more and more I hear "we just cant do it", "Its not fair we have so much work to do" or "I'm feeling stressed".  In the "old days" we just put our heads down and got it done.  Sure its a lot...
  6. Tibbson

    ASU Ottawa AOR

    After many years of active resistance it looks like I will finely be assimilated into the Borg.  They want to post me to Ottawa next summer.  I'm at the point in my career where I am fine with that but I'm not too familiar with the Ottawa area.  Does anyone know, even roughly, the geographic...
  7. Tibbson

    Service colours (not flags)

    I am wondering if there have ever been any official colours decreed for any of the major branches of the Canadian military.  I know there are various colours traditionally associated with them such as sky blue for Air Force, navy blue for the Navy and darker green for the Army but has there ever...