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  1. NSDreamer

    Injured Soldier in need of help: Boarding Pets

    Good Afternoon All, Not sure if this is the right place, but if it isn't feel free to move it. I'm looking for help: One of my subordinates has been hospitalized, and the nearest family/friends are on the other side of the country. The individual has 4 pets, and while I have been having...
  2. NSDreamer

    Posting to Halifax, thoughts on where to buy

    Hey Folks, Hope things are going well for everyone here, been a while since I've posted! aaaaand speaking of posting DUN DUN DUN. I'm geting posted back to Halifax, and we're thinking we're going to buy this time around. Any thoughts about good areas? Thinking 200-300k range maybe in...
  3. NSDreamer

    Phoenix Pay System - Shit's Horrible

    I can't believe there isn't a thread already. Does no one else have civilian employees on here! Is ANYONE having any success with the phoenix pay system? I am having problem, after problem trying to get my people paid...+ It'll be cheaper they said, it'll be easier they said, senior officers...
  4. NSDreamer

    CFLTC Qualification Standard and TPs

    Does anyone have a link to the QS/TP database for CFLTC? The migration to the new websites seems to have killed the link I had saved.
  5. NSDreamer

    New Mess Kit Sizing Machine: Canex

    So I finally ponied up and bought my mess dress, just in time for the mixed dining in. Apparently Canex has now moved from having you go to Andre's master Tailors to using this interesting looking auto sizing camera machine. Anyone have any experience with it? I figure if it messes up...
  6. NSDreamer

    CFLTC Training Plans

    Does anyone have a link for CFLTC Training plans? I'm trying to file a couple of PLARs, but want clarification on a few of the EOs before submitting my substantiation.
  7. NSDreamer

    Learning french for fun and profit!

    Good Morning all, Just curious, I'm currently doing a lot of work in Quebec, and while everyone speaks passingly good english. I'm trying to spend more time learning French. I can't be spared long enough to go on SLT< and since it's directly related to my current employment I've decided to go...
  8. NSDreamer

    Moving to Ottawa without DHG&E

      Hey All, I'm moving from Halifax to Ottawa for a 3 year Cl B contract position. I was wondering if anyone here from the reserves had any experience with Brookfield and IRP for similar moves, DHG&E isn't auth (surprise!) but my understanding is brookfield will still cover things like home...
  9. NSDreamer

    EMCON State question

      Hey All, Working on another lovely DL course, and trying to remember the break down for the different level of EMCON states. Does anyone have a link to the descriptions anywhere? If it's a dwan link that's fine, I can pop over to my office after work. Thanks guys,     NSdreamer
  10. NSDreamer

    Junior Canadian Ranger Training

      Good day everyone,   I'm looking at working with the JCRs as a training officer, and was wondering if anyone here had any insight on their day to day training or how they run. I don't know many people in the ranger program to ask unfortunately, so any input would be welcome! Cheers,  ...
  11. NSDreamer

    CIMIC OP information?

      Afternoon All, Anyways some of you know me, I'm a Class B reservist ATM, but I just got a call letting me know I"m up for an interview for a CIMIC OP position that I applied for.  I'm really stoked for the chance, from everything I've read there are amazing opportunities for development in...
  12. NSDreamer

    Army Lt makes 87123$+ a year

      According to how much income tax they're charging me this coming pay (26%) I should be making between 87,123 and up to $135,054 gross a year. They need to hurry up and start pumping up my gross income to compensate for what they say I'm making for tax purposes!!  8)
  13. NSDreamer


    Evening All, Working on a bit of professional development for the leadership in my unit, and I'm trying to track down a generated copy of a complete net diagram for our favorite 4CMBG, to show them what a doctrinal net would look like. If anyone happens to have the file sticking around would...
  14. NSDreamer

    What if your CT doesn't go through?

      Good afternoon all, Here's a quesiton for you, I've done a few searches and turned up nothing. If you apply for a component transfer and it does not go through, do they at any point send notification that you were not accepted for merit list/a position this fiscal year? My situation is as...
  15. NSDreamer

    Naval Map Symbols: 1 Line Battleship?

      Hello again all, I think my course O is trying to throw us for a loop with a trick question on this assignment. In the middle of a notional battle at New Market Ontario doing the map trace, there is instruction to put a one line battleship in Mussleman Lake. Can anyone direct me to a way to...
  16. NSDreamer

    Armour Recce question

    How many soldiers are in an armoured recce troop? Is it comprable to a platoon? I'm working on a large scale trace based on written material and trying to figure out how many dots a troop ranks! Thanks in advance!
  17. NSDreamer

    Dwan laptops-Adobe PDF Reader

      Good Morning all, I'm currently on an exercise where  we have brought several laptops successfully hooked them up to the dwan etc (as is obvious as I am using one to post) however I seem to be unable to get pdf files to read on any of the computers. Nor when I go to add programs is adobe...
  18. NSDreamer

    Car Advice?-Rotor squeaking-Hyundai Accent

    After going to two different mechanics and one dealership I'm on the verge of admitting defeat. My front left wheel is emitting a squeaking noise that I was told was due to rust on/around the rotor and that it's not a major issue,  but that fixing it woould be quite expensive. Does anyone by any...
  19. NSDreamer

    Ottawa, what is there to do in a week long visit?

      Good evening all, So I arrive in the city, driving, after a long trip from Halifax NS.  I'm here for a week and staying downtown just off of Laurier. What is there to do in this the Nation's Capital? I eagerly await the advice of seasoned pro's of the city! -NSDreamer
  20. NSDreamer

    BMOQ-Land/CAP June 5-Aug 16

    Anyone else on this puppy?   Cheers,           NSD