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  1. Marshall

    A job as a Psychologist in the forces?

    Hello again, I've been searching through the forums looking for any relevancy to my question, but it does not seem to exist. My girlfriend is getting more and more interested with my military program (ROTP), and about many aspects of the CF. She is studying to become a Psychologist and asked...
  2. Marshall

    ROTP Offers, Rejecting/transfering?

    Hello, I have recently come into a few problems that have got me questioning if my options I selected for ROTP are to the best of my interest.. (Which I will not get into..) I have been doing some searching, got some information but need a bit more. Originally I applied as my first pick being...
  3. Marshall

    ROTP 2009-2010 Dates

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone would know the timeline of dates for the upcoming ROTP 2009-2010 course? (BMOQ, FYOP, RMC start.). The only information I seem to find off google are links to threads of old on this site hehe. I was just wondering because I was trying to figure out the rough...
  4. Marshall

    Whats Your Weather?

    Since at the time of this posting it is currently hell in a freezer outside here in Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia.. I thought I'd ask what everyone else is experiencing today or any day.
  5. Marshall


    Hello, I recently required a older manual Treadmill from someone who just wanted to get rid of it (no motivation I suppose). I am wondering if manual treadmills are good as (or better) then automatic? I know with manual ones your momentum moves the belt, so does that not make the workout more...
  6. Marshall

    RMC personal belongings question

    Hello, I was just reading about some of the restrictions and regulations for a Officer Cadet at RMC. (Also talking to a friend who is a 1st year there) I noticed it mentioned something about not being able to use your vehicle except on the weekends. Is this true or is it referring to FYOP? Is...
  7. Marshall

    ROTP 2009

    Hello again, I was wondering what the application duration is for ROTP 2009? (i searched but i only get 2008 info.) Also, when do most expect interviews/etc to take place after application (if its liked). And do references usually get called/etc before the interview? Thanks.
  8. Marshall

    Officer Question

    Hey guys, I was wondering if there was a special time of year to apply for Officer(and ROTP of course). Im completing Grade 12 this year and i was originally planning to wait half a year and go regular infantry but people said with my averages i should try officer instead (my averages are 85-95...
  9. Marshall

    Would i be rejected for...?

    Would there be any possibility of being rejected for a problem in the leg (shin area). Im planning on getting to the physical standard whether being able to run without the pain is a problem or not (biking is fun :D). So would a person be rejected for a small avoidable problem such as that...
  10. Marshall

    Best age to exercise/weight train?

    Hey, Im wondering if starting to exercise now (Age 17, 185pounds, 5"8) is too late? Ive got good natural muscle mass and i can run fairly well when i dont include my shin splints -o- terror. Im just wondering if there will be any bad effects on my health from starting now and not earlier in...
  11. Marshall

    Question relating to School.

    Hey again guys, Im having a hard course decision. Im almost 100% bent on the army a year or so after Highschool, but i currently have Physics 12. Ive lost all interest in the course and it seems like a huge waste of study and r+r time for me since alot of my time now goes to my job. This would...