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  1. DonaldMcL

    VAC Settlement and Payout - Appeal

    Hey all, I received a payout of 5% early 2019, taken in a lump sum for a knee injury. To date my injury hasn't really gotten better, and I was never actually seen by a VAC approved doctor (just local MIR). Is this something I can appeal or have re-evaluated or am I stuck with my ill-informed...
  2. DonaldMcL

    Locating old CBIs

    All, Looking for some help locating 2008/2009 CBI 208/209 ref: Move Entitlements. I'm currently without access to DWAN and can only find the newest ones. My google-fu and site search bring up very little, as I need the actual document. Hoping someone has the old ones sitting on a memory stick...
  3. DonaldMcL

    CFIRP 09/CANFORGEN Debate/Debacle

    Being in a pretty pickle, I'm seeking some clarification and possibly some guidance. Long story short, being told I was not entitled to an IRP move after the fact, thus, being told I'm required to repay everything. "CFIRP 2009 - Clarification Bulletin 4 - 1 APR 09 The limitation contained in...
  4. DonaldMcL

    Non-IRP Moves

    Anyone fimilar with these types of moves? Being posted to CFB Winnipeg on course for a year, and it's been like chewing foil with a mouth full of cavities trying to determine what my entitlements are. I've gone from, two bags and a plane ticket, to a full IRP move, back to Non-IRP. Being...
  5. DonaldMcL

    BSERE Kit List

    I'm kind of in a bind here, any help would be appreciated. I'm heading for BSERE tomorrow, and my kit list was accidentally thrown-out by my fiancee. Anyone with DIN access, or know what's on the list, able to shot me a quick PM. I know most everything, I've had it prepared for some time, but...
  6. DonaldMcL

    Medical Question - BMOQ

    I've got a quick question I could use help with... nothing seems to have been mentioned before. Note, this has all been disclosed and deemed fine by doctors during ACS. Firstly I have mild hayfever which is only active, for the most part, in the early Spring and end of Summer. Pop a Claratin...
  7. DonaldMcL

    MPOAC - Dec 12-15th

    Anyone here attending? I just received my itinerary, and I'm a little nervous and excited aswell. If anyone could clarify "business attire" that'd be appreciated. Suit and tie... or just dress pants with shirt and tie? I'd rather not be overdressed or underdressed. Recruiter also told me to...