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  1. Fusaki

    Wonderbread ----> WB

  2. Fusaki

    Will this encourage more to call for the ban of the Hijab?

    Bingo! Hijabs don't rob banks! People rob banks! But aside from that, anyone suggesting the Hijab be banned nationwide because of a handful of isolated incidents is fear-mongering and making the world a dumber place.  Blowing things out of proportion suggests an agenda that has little to do...
  3. Fusaki

    Small Arms and Combat Marksmanship

    But "known enemy positions" just don't come around very often.  90% of the time there's some level of guesswork involved. "is that hotspot a head or a rock?" "was that dust kicked up by muzzle blast or just a stray round?" "was that movement in the grape row or are my eyes just playing...
  4. Fusaki

    Small Arms and Combat Marksmanship

    Semantics aside, my point is that there is a big difference between rounds fired at likely enemy positions and rounds fired in the general direction of the enemy.  It's tough to quantify this sort of thing, but I believe that the former accounts for a significant portion of the effects we have...
  5. Fusaki

    Small Arms and Combat Marksmanship

    But to what extent? When I was over, the 84 was really only used on the defensive.  Dismounted soldiers can only carry so much ammo for the thing, not to mention the weight of the weapon itself.  Moreover, there really wasn't much the 84 could do that 25mm could not. I admit, though, my...
  6. Fusaki

    Small Arms and Combat Marksmanship

    We need to be careful here that we don't blur the line between spec fire and simply shooting in the direction of the enemy.  While I agree that a significant amount of shock, suppression, and neutralization we produce is the result of careful speculative fire against possible or likely enemy...
  7. Fusaki

    The Asymmetric Warfare Group

    This thread is expanding my mind. I'm a total n00b when it comes to this stuff, but I'm about halfway through The Accidental Guerrilla, so I guess you could say that I'm at least getting my feet wet in COIN theory. Maybe I'm reading it wrong, but the vibe I'm getting from Kilcullen is that the...
  8. Fusaki

    Small Arms and Combat Marksmanship

    At the risk of sounding like a LF/basicload fanboy, I can relate a discussion on that forum that tackled this issue. Basically, the point was made that the concept of "volume of fire" was overrated.  Often, a high volume of fire doesn't actually pin anyone down, but only results in the badguy...
  9. Fusaki

    The Asymmetric Warfare Group

    I should add that the AWG comes up from time to time in other threads on LF. More than once, it's been in the "show your fighting loadout" thread, where guys post pictures and reviews of the armour, load carriage, and rifle set-up they are currently using in theatre.  In the course of a review...
  10. Fusaki

    The Asymmetric Warfare Group

    T6 posted this link over at LF.  I think it deserves a spot here too. http://www.army.mil/aps/08/information_papers/prepare/Army_Asymmetric_Warfare_Group.html The AWG, to me, sounds like a pretty switched on idea. The US Army has given a small group of Tier 1 guys the resources to zip around...
  11. Fusaki

    Confused about which regiment......

    I'm not sure, to be honest.  I guess the question depends on what you're comparing us to.  The RegF shoots more, but that's to be expected.  I'm not really in a position to say if we shoot more or less than other PRes units. This past fall we shot up to section level live fire.  Is that...
  12. Fusaki

    Confused about which regiment......

    The QOR also has a robust Recce Platoon (filled by pers qual'd on RegF courses), the highest concentration of MOIs outside of CANSOFCOM (incl. RegF units), hard para positions (which lead to PI and MFF opportunities), and very close ties to the CFLAWC.  We get taskings and courses that just...
  13. Fusaki

    Afghan mayor slams Canadian corruption

    And I should add that if the answer to the above question is "Yes," I'm not casting judgement or anything. I'm fully aware that 1) we need to work with someone in Afghanistan, and 2) finding someone "squeaky clean" in that country is unrealistic. I just think that if the Canadian public were...
  14. Fusaki

    Afghan mayor slams Canadian corruption

    So you're saying that he's right, and that we do pay into the corruption, but that he is only raising a stink about this because he, being corrupt himself, doesn't feel like he's getting his share?
  15. Fusaki

    2012 Phenomenon

    I just finished a paper on the crazy things people believe in and the pseudo-science used to support these ideas.  Things like:  astrology, Freudian Psychoanalysis, UFO landings, Marxism, etc... In George Steiner's Massey Lectures called Nostalgia for the Absolute (1974), he attributes the rise...
  16. Fusaki

    Germans Successfully Blitz The System

    ROFL! You nailed it! Milpoints for you!
  17. Fusaki

    London tuition riot

    I get that, and I'm in the process of doing it in a similar way you did.  I did six years in the regs, a couple tours, invested the money, and now I'm in school and the reserves. But my situation is VERY different than most of my peers.  The ones with rich parents aren't doing too bad, but the...
  18. Fusaki

    G8/G20 June 2010 Protest Watch

    I know I said that I wasn't going to post in this thread anymore, but I think it's important that we see the violence inherent in the system: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JvKIWjnEPNY
  19. Fusaki

    The Legality of Self Defence In Canada

    This one's for recceguy  ;) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2REG3-Wb5gM
  20. Fusaki

    OPSEC...Am I right out of 'er or what?

    It's information operations, my friend. ;) Information is - first and foremost - a weapon.  Because of its ability to influence the enemy, we use it tactically.  In 2006, for example, we made it clear to the Taliban that our intention was to take Pashmul.  By essentially telling them "after...