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  1. chrisf

    WTB: C9 pouch or utility pouch - molle

    Looking for a couple of molle C9 pouches, or similarly sized "utility" pouches, in ranger green or olive drab.
  2. chrisf

    Wanted 2" Olive Velcro

    Anyone have any 2" olive velcro they're willing to part with? Only need the fuzzy side, only need a 6 inches, can't find it for sale anywhere in small quantities.
  3. chrisf

    Fastex Clips

    Anyone have a suggestion where I can buy decent quality fastex clips/buckles in Canada? CP Gear used to sell them but they don't seem to any more. Can find them in the states but shipping is usually excessive.
  4. chrisf

    Caribou Monument to Honour Newfoundland Regiment In Gallipoli

  5. chrisf

    Wtb: RNFLDR Hat badge and Collar dogs

    Putting together a shadow box for someone, looking for a royal newfoundland regiment hatbadg and Collar dogs. Doesn't matter if some of the pins or all of rhe pins are broken.
  6. chrisf

    1982 uniform

    Doing up a shadow box for a family member, need a bit of help. I've got medals and a hat badge, going to have to turn to eBay for some of the bits. What would be period accurate bits and pieces for reserve signaller dress uniform? Collar dogs? Should titles? Command badge?
  7. chrisf

    Wts: air crew multicam combat pants

    http://m.imgur.com/O3fALCj,9rnzBCx,7cvn3XJ Multicam air crew combat pants size medium regular (29.5" to 39.5" inseam, 35" to 39" waist" In like new shape, there are a lot of pockets on these pants! Fabric feels like old green canadian combat pants. $50 obo
  8. chrisf

    FS: Blank Crimping Dies (Reloading dies)

    For sale, two blank crimping dies manufactured by CH Tool and Die. http://imgur.com/lnQd6M3 One is 5.56mm, the other is 7.62x39 I had them bought to make blanks for tennis ball launching. $120 for the pair, or make an offer, buyer pays shipping.
  9. chrisf


    Received a settlement from vac today. Had the paperwork filled out for the last five years or so, couldn't bring myself to send it in. Getting ready for release, figured now was the time. Surprisingly "painless" process, about a month from submitting to settlement. It was all quite well...
  10. chrisf

    FS:Mixed 64 Pat Ruck Parts

    Should be enough parts to assemble a full ruck sack, all in good condition, no rips or tears, bag is rubberized, in good condition. $80
  11. chrisf

    FS - 64 Pattern Ruck Parts & More

    Let the post release clean out begin! 64 Pat Ruck Frame + Original 64 Pat Ruck Bag + A7A Straps + Alice Back Pad + CP Gear Padded Back Pad + mix of 82 Pat Parts $100 ACU Boonie Hat Size 7 3/4 $5 Molle Utility Pouch OD, Unknown Brand $5 Cad Pat FMP Cover $5 All prices OBO, buyer pays...
  12. chrisf

    Navy Electrical Technician - Civi Jobs

    Any current or former naval electrical technicians who may be interested in working off-shore Canada in oil and gas in the immediate future, send me a PM.
  13. chrisf

    Volunteering as a CI - Supp Res

    Does being a supp res list affect how someone may volunteer with a local cadet corps?
  14. chrisf

    Gladys Osmond passes away...

    "The founder of the "Granny Brigade" passed away this week. Gladys Osmond of Springdale wrote hundreds of thousands of handwritten letters to troops overseas." http://www.vocm.com/newsarticle.asp?mn=2&id=52082&latest=1
  15. chrisf

    2006 Liberal Attack Ads

    Folks need to reminded about this once in a while... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uMsqEph7a8I
  16. chrisf

    Nella Bayonet

    Did any of the old nella C7 bayonets end up on the surplus market? I may be interested in one. Apparently I got drunk and ordered a resin display stand in the shape of an M-16 barrel for a bayonet off e-bay the other day, looking for a bayonet to stick on it.
  17. chrisf

    Metal Stripper Clips - 5.56

    Does anyone know if the American metal stripper clips found in large quantities on ebay will fit in a Canadian issue mag charger?
  18. chrisf

    Enlisted (TV Show)

    Did I miss it or did we already talk about what a resoundingly crappy show it is?
  19. chrisf

    Newfoundland atomic bomb witness John Ford dies

    Not sure if anyone's familiar with him, but in addition to being an author, this gentleman spent 3 years in a POW camp in Japan, and was a first hand witness to the dropping of the atomic bomb at Nagasaki...
  20. chrisf

    I might have to buy one...

    http://www.amazon.com/Hoodie-American-Outfitters-Forces-Sweatshirt/dp/B0022UUH2W Bit 'o national pride there....