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  1. Dog

    CP Gear KISS Rig

    I was reluctant to give CP Gear a real shot when it came to a chest rig. But after shopping around and reading a lot, and looking despairingly at my bank account, I decided to go the route of the KISS Rig... Now, this is by no means a comprehensive review, as the thing still smells brand new...
  2. Dog

    Chief of Land Staff positions for Reservists coming back from Afghanistan

    Due to the recent confusion with regard to trades being closed, and budgetary concerns, does anyone know if Reservists are still being given the opportunity to transfer to the regs went they get back from tour? I've repeatedly asked my CoC, and the clerks and I've never gotten an answer other...
  3. Dog

    Debate, split from: Latest Canadian Honours and Awards Sep 2009

    I think it's funny that you can be awarded a medal for working at NDHQ.
  4. Dog

    Canadians could be defending Afghan gas pipeline

    http://www.ctv.ca/servlet/ArticleNews/story/CTVNews/20080619/afghan_pipeline_080619/20080621?hub=Specials Canadians could be defending Afghan gas pipeline Updated Sat. Jun. 21 2008 12:09 PM ET Josh Visser, CTV.ca News Staff A U.S-backed pipeline would be an inviting target for the Taliban...
  5. Dog

    Doin' the Robot.

    Rumours are swirling around the unit lately, coming mainly from the folks who've been tasked to the cadres for the next few months, that an EOD robot has been send to CFSME this summer, in order to give Sappers their HA Quals after they finish their CMD portions. Anyone else hear about this?
  6. Dog

    "Dead Spots" on feet... not entitled to Medical care?

    I've been searching high and low for an answer to this question, and my Unit, Veterans Affairs, QR&O's, not even the far-reaching scope of Army.ca has been able to provide me with any kind of real answer to my issue... so I'll do something that I haven't done often: start a new thread. To...
  7. Dog

    64 Pattern gone the way of the Dodo?

    Recent research has proven to me that it's easy to find a 64 pattern ruck... I almost jumped at the chance to buy one, but since the new CTS ruck is being released into the system, I was wondering if it would be worth the expense, because rumour has it that once you've been issued the CTS ruck...
  8. Dog

    Driver Wheeled

    I've been slotted to go on a Driver Wheeled course in Meaford for 2 months.... What takes two months to learn? Is this typical of DW courses?
  9. Dog

    2 CER manpower

    I'm currently a reserve engineer heading off on my 3's on Saturday... after my 3's are complete, depending on course availability or possibility of a tour with my unit (33CER) I'm hoping to CT back to the reg force. Specifically I'd like to go to 2 CER due to it's proximity to Ottawa, for my...
  10. Dog


    I'm heading off to my 3's this summer and am curious as to what it is that I'll be learning on this course, what to expect, what to brush up on, and familiarize myself with in advance.... I've done a few searches and have come up dry. If there's a lesson plan I can get my hands on that would be...
  11. Dog

    Found: Mag & Rounds

    What should I do with 'em? I've got a mag from a C7 and a few 5.56 rounds to go with it.... I don't want these things in my possession if they are restricted (which the mag is). Where can I turn it in?
  12. Dog

    Geomatics Tech Question re: Apprenticeship.

    I'm posing this question for a friend of mine who is interested in joining the CF as a Geomatics Tech...... he's pretty convinced he can join because he's a civilian surveyor. I think he may be kidding himself, because I looked on the recruiting website and it says that a civilian must meet all...
  13. Dog

    Oh, to be Danish..... *sigh*

    http://www.army-guide.com/eng/article/article.php?forumID=317 Why haven't we purchased any of these things?
  14. Dog

    Borden vs St. Jean

    Okay, I'm curious, does it matter where you do your BMQ? I was talking to a guy I know who is in the reserves, and he said that it's better to do your BMQ in St. Jean because it's a better base, and it's got better instructors, guys at battalion will respect your St jean experience more...
  15. Dog

    Running twice in the same day...

      First things first: I've been lurking about on these forums for pushing 3 months now and never have I needed to post any questions... information about any number of topics, quite simply, abounds here. I decided to register a few days ago... and lo and behold! I've now got a reason to ask...