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  1. Shamrock

    Civilian Police to Military Police

    Not an MP, have no dog in this fight, and am sorry to hear about your golden handcuffs.  However, lots of non-MP being hired into policing positions have been able to negotiate hire dates to align with their release dates - up to six months.
  2. Shamrock

    Commuting to base... ?distance

    The DWAN has a list of geographical boundaries for several areas.  Living outside these areas requires special permission.  I don't know how this applies to ROTP candidates, but as Brookfield is also bound by these boundaries, they may be a good source if you haven't yet spoken to your ULO/SEM.
  3. Shamrock

    How many soldiers in the army are combat arms?

    Don't forget those pathetic sadsacks armour and infantry employ as reconnaissance.
  4. Shamrock

    Paternity Leave and PER's

    Will result in an averaging of 2 years across three.
  5. Shamrock

    Total amount that Reservists make in a year

    The reserve model is based on (I believe) 37.5 training days per soldier per fiscal year. That would put a private around the $4,000 mark.
  6. Shamrock

    Soldiers more likely to have experienced childhood abuse: study

    The numbers of accused in the court systems having similar instances of abuse/PTSD/etc.
  7. Shamrock

    Soldiers more likely to have experienced childhood abuse: study

    How does that compare with what the courts face among its accused (likely 18-21)?
  8. Shamrock

    Soldiers more likely to have experienced childhood abuse: study

    Alternately... "Soldiers more likely to disclose trauma"
  9. Shamrock

    Types of rounds in the cf

    Typically when one identifies a gap in his knowledge and asks his instructor for guidance despite the potential of disappointment or anger.
  10. Shamrock

    Disrespect by CDS?

    The CDS Commendation is a big deal, but something else came up forcing him to change his schedule. As an innocent bystander, I can see a changed situation between the notification of the event and its realization. Seems like the CDS flew a long way to personally issue the commendation in the...
  11. Shamrock

    Ordered "to get a phone" / Contact Information [Merged]

    I have an issued blackberry as my position requires me to be responsive outside normal duty hours.
  12. Shamrock

    All about LTA (merged)

    To verify, the custodial parent is the member of the CF; the child resides with him or her.  The extended, non-dependent family reside OutCan?
  13. Shamrock

    Jumping the CoC

    Although BPSO advise against this, it could be the unit is waiting to consolidate its return.  An OT application requires the pers file be transmitted; the delay could also be the OR not having the time to properly vet the UPR prior to transmission.  It isn't always fuckery.
  14. Shamrock

    Jumping the CoC

    There's nothing in that regulation stating the CO can't blow his top if it's a frivolous or vexatious visit, either.
  15. Shamrock

    Army Junior Staff Officer (AJSO) Course

    I believe all of these have always been a part of the unit's responsibility as part of your 37.5 individual training days.
  16. Shamrock

    I feel like I am crazy - VP related

    So... in keeping up the spirit, a thumbs down smiley is the most economical way to communicate no/negative >:D
  17. Shamrock

    Canadian Decoration: C.D. [Merged]

    I'm not far from receiving my CD and clasp on the same day.
  18. Shamrock

    I feel like I am crazy - VP related

    Is there a manual for text procedure via that IRC program we use?
  19. Shamrock

    Trying to replace Advance Recce patrolman aide-memoire

    Call up the printers in Gagetown.