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    POW Training 1980s

    Anyone seen this?  I never really thought about this as anything more than a training simulation. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/canadian-soldiers-prisoner-war-training-wainwright-alberta-1.4053351 I have been hog tied and left laying in a mud puddle, laid on the floor of Grizzly, handcuffed...
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    Moose Hunter needs Local Assistance

    Anyone in NB could help this moose hunter out? http://www.kijiji.ca/v-community-other/saint-john/moose-licence-tag-i-need-your-help/1200991862?siteLocale=en_CA&utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=socialbuttons MOOSE TAG / MOOSE LICENCE I have a moose hunting licence for...
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    I got a laminated stock SKS with 4 5/20 mags, stock 5/10 mag and a cut down 5 round hunting mag, leather German G3 sling, USGI tac vest outfitted special SKS ammo pouches that hold SKS clips in individual sleeves, 1100 Czech FMJ corrosive, 100 Russian SP non-corrosive, 15 Wincester 150gr SP...
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    Remington 597 Magnum Semi Auto

    I have moved on to an old Savage M20 in 22 hornet for my coyote gun and I have for sale a black stocked Remington 597 Semi auto in 22WMR, the last owner dressed up with Vortashen (sic) Hammer, I dressed it up with McQuag trigger springs and metal bushings, Techsight M1 carbine sights for the 597...
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    Milpoints Error

    I made a positive milpoints where I wanted to make a negative milpoints statement, how do I back it off?
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    1950s Lafuma Scout Ruck

    Got an 1950s Lafuma A frame Scout ruck in boys size that was going to be part of man cave decoration centered on two old Chestnut canoe paddles.  I have downsized houses and no longer need it, great retro rucksack, leather straps with wool padding, steel A frame and tan canvas bag, all in great...
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    3 Jump Rucks for Sale

    Month 6 and still no PRes Pension, so I need mortgage money.  I got: 3 jump rucks with all original straps plus an additional back strap in the middle for extra support.  Rucks have been hand cleaned and dipped in Silicone waterproof.  2 are rubberized and 1 is nylon.  One rubberized has light...
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    Rubberized Cargo Pack

    OK, can anyone ID this pack, My expert who has written a book on Canadian gear is unable to, other than calling it a Cargo Pack trials pack. 
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    The cat’s meow in large ALICE Packs; this FIREFORCE USA pack has modern Cordura materials, modern buckles and pull strings closures on all pockets with all the classic ALICE style. Same dimensions as the original, it is mounted on a polymer DEI 1606 AC frame with USGI shoulder and waist straps...
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    Rucksacks, MOLLE 2 and Jump Rucks

    More crap to sell as I near the end of my army time! First a US Army Molle 2 Gen 4 in woodland camo. Very rare only 2000 made before the switch to ACU. Two rucks in one with small assault ruck riding on large ruck. Comes with radio pocket, sleep system compression bag, 2 side mounted...
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    Kit List Summer - 2PPCLI 1982

    Found this amongst my papers, retyped here for interest: 2 PPCLI Summer Kit list 1983 1. Per Soldier: a. Worn by Soldier - Patrol Hat, (left leg pocket) - Helmet with cam cover, inner tube band - Combat Shirt & Trousers - Boots Combat - Undershirt, OD - Drawers, Temperate underwear, OD -...
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    Looking for Jump Ruck

    Looking for original "jump" ruck bags in very good condition.  I am retiring at end of contract in March and I would like to get a couple to keep my bush walking/hunting ruck going for a long time.  C1 rubberized cotton or C2 nylon bags does not matter.  No tears, or soldier repairs would be nice.
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    Old Charter or New Charter, which is it?

    I one has a benefit for hearing from 1989 and they put in for a benefit in 2012 and received a benefit for ringing in the ears in 2013, should the benefit be issued under the old system or NVC?  Are they not related? It was figured under the NVC which as a 1/10 of what friends received in...
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    EI: Entitlement, Right or Insurance

    This came out on another thread and I did not want to go off topic. In 1972 UI paid one days pay for every week worked and the length of collection was limited only to the amount of time you had worked.  There was no UI for quitters or retirees. Trudeau changed this to 70% of your pay for up...
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    Spy Eagle Captured

    It seems that Hezbollah has captured a "spy eagle".  An eagle was captured in Lebannon with a a radio transmitter and a band from Tel Aviv U.  Spy would not be my first assumption but I am not paranoid about flying birds...
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    For Sale Bush-Craft Pack

    Actually a USGI Woodland Camo Medium ALICE Pack.  This is a favourite amoungst Bushcrafters, very vogue in the hobby.  This pack is woodland camo, with an unissued USGI frame, a SPECOps HUMP Waterbladder carrier in Woodland camo, "Vermont Barre" Add a Pouch system considering of a top mounted...
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    Artillery Officer Mess Kit

    As stated size is large short (42-46 chest; 38 to 42 waist with 32 leg), comes with vest, pants, braces, dinner jacket in serge red.  Currently ranked Captain.  Artillery officer mess kit has dark blue/black lapels and shoulder straps, extra wide red stripe and with modifications can be made...
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    Wanted: 50 Cal Flintlock Hawken or Lyman Trade Rifle

    As the title says. Flintlock only as my PAL is in the backlog.
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    Seeking Procurement Advice

    Ladies and Gentlemen I completed my non-restricted PAL and am set to become a firearms owner again (with the registry gone I feel more comfortable becoming so).  I got a house set on the edge of a 2 by 10 mile piece of woods that I own and I have a coyote problem.  I even got a coyote looking...
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    D9 Bayonet

    Made in CHina Bayonet/Survival Knife.  This is a hard and huge weapon in excellent shape.  Not sure what it is a bayonet for as I have no military style weapons.  All I have ever done with it is whittle branches, make fire sticks and cut canoe painters.  Good pictures here...