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    Public sector, feds reach deal on retiree health benefits

    The government has reached a deal with its public sector unions to double the amount retired federal employees pay in premiums for health benefits. The deal was negotiated between the Public Service Alliance of Canada on behalf of all federal retirees and Treasury Board. Retired CF members are...
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    Pensioners Medical Benefits

    Get ready it's only a matter of time before Tony Clement comes after retired CF and RCMP members to increase their medical plan contribution rates! See the story at link to see what this government wants do to retired Public Servants...
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    Pension increase for 2013

    "The Treasury Board has announced that the indexing increase to be applied, on January 1, 2013, to Public Service, Canadian Forces, RCMP and federally appointed judges' pensions will be 1.9%." This info is being reported by the Federal Superannuants National Associations on their website...
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    Veterans Independance Program

    In Chapter 5 of the last budget (Economic Action Plan), the Government announced the following with regards to the VIP: "The Government will replace the existing contribution agreements for the housekeeping and grounds maintenance components of the Veterans Independence Program (VIP) with...
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    VAC Disability Rates 2012

    For those lucky enough to receive the old VAC disability pensions, the new rates (2.8% increase) have been posted on the Legion site at the following link: http://www.legion.ca/ServiceBureau/RateCharts_e.cfm For those under the new Veterans Charter, keep up the fight to end this discriminatory...
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    Army Fitness Training - Injuries & Causes

    I'm currently in a bunfight with Veterans Affairs Canada regarding a potential disability pension. It seems that arthritis in both knees, both feet, and one side of my hip cannot be directly attributable to 29 years of Army service and training. I'm looking for direction on where to find...