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    Senator Dallaire retiring from Senate

    I first met then Major Dallaire in 1979 when as a new Lt arriving at my first unit. He was to be my first Battery Commander. H e had then and continues to this day to be a prominent voice for worthy causes. In his current role, Dallaire is one of the very few Senators who on a daily basis...
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    21 May 14 - LCol Dan Bobbitt, 2 RCHA, R.I.P.

    RIP Dandy Dan, you were a good man. We as a nation have lost a fine officer.  My condolences to Monica and the children, you are in our thoughts.
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    Vets outraged as federal lawyers argue Ottawa has no social obligation to soldie

    Just a reminder, 50% of the lawyers in any case are going to be losers. I suspect that the government will eventually lose this case, however, they are trying to draw it out past the next election so that the damages awarded won't impact on their precious "budget surplus"!
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    Public sector, feds reach deal on retiree health benefits

    The government has reached a deal with its public sector unions to double the amount retired federal employees pay in premiums for health benefits. The deal was negotiated between the Public Service Alliance of Canada on behalf of all federal retirees and Treasury Board. Retired CF members are...
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    SOLD OUT (under New Vets Charter)

    "Veterans Can Thank Me And Others For The SISIP Victory, Not the Courts, Says Conservative MP Laurie Hawn" This Con MP is one of the biggest opponents against Veterans and a major promoter of the NVC!  Now he has the audacity to state that a veterans hard fought and won court battle is due in...
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    SOLD OUT (under New Vets Charter)

    On one hand the Minister wants to review the charter, while on the other hand his government is appealing recent BC Court allowing the class action lawsuit to go forward...
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    Pensioners Medical Benefits

    Get ready it's only a matter of time before Tony Clement comes after retired CF and RCMP members to increase their medical plan contribution rates! See the story at link to see what this government wants do to retired Public Servants...
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    Pension increase for 2013

    "The Treasury Board has announced that the indexing increase to be applied, on January 1, 2013, to Public Service, Canadian Forces, RCMP and federally appointed judges' pensions will be 1.9%." This info is being reported by the Federal Superannuants National Associations on their website...
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    Veterans Independance Program

    Future pensioner, Thanks for the link.
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    Veterans Independance Program

    In Chapter 5 of the last budget (Economic Action Plan), the Government announced the following with regards to the VIP: "The Government will replace the existing contribution agreements for the housekeeping and grounds maintenance components of the Veterans Independence Program (VIP) with...
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    hotels in relocation

    When you make a reservation, check off the government/military rate. Its usually a really good deal and you should have no problems getting reimbursed provided you stay at Holiday Inn or equivalent hotels..  If possible pay by credit card and your bill will have the exchange rate on it which is...
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    Retire from CAF and entering Fed PS [Merged]

    CDNAviator, The quote is in the Budget Plan, however, its implied in Bill C-38. My bad!
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    Retire from CAF and entering Fed PS [Merged]

    Occam, Check out the actual budget document at the following link: http://www.budget.gc.ca/2012/plan/toc-tdm-eng.html Chapter 5 under the heading "Public Sector Compensation" contains the phrase regarding CF service counting towards PS leave time, etc... The budget will come into effective...
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    Retire from CAF and entering Fed PS [Merged]

    This initiative hinges on the Omnibus Bill C-38 being passed as the the statement "Starting on April 1, 2012 and on a go-forward basis, the prior years of service of former members of the Canadian Forces who join the public service will be recognized for the purpose of calculating vacation...
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    SISIP LTD 2002 - 2018

    See the CBC website for the story. Ottawa won't appeal veterans' court victory on pensions -  The Canadian Press http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/story/2012/05/29/pol-mackay-blaney-veterans-pensions-clawbacks.html This appears to be great news for those 6000 personnel who won the lastest...
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    DND spends $374,000 to renovate offices of two top officials

    The briefing note used to justify the project was a joke. Based on what has been published, it looks like contract splitting was done! However, I'm sure that the DM had the authority to both order the renovations and sign the contract. After all,  the Financial Administration Act would not apply...
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    VAC Disability Rates 2012

    For those lucky enough to receive the old VAC disability pensions, the new rates (2.8% increase) have been posted on the Legion site at the following link: http://www.legion.ca/ServiceBureau/RateCharts_e.cfm For those under the new Veterans Charter, keep up the fight to end this discriminatory...
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    Annual Pay Increase for 2011

    Pay and benefits are usually tied in with those in the Public Service. However, there is a something called the 'military factor' that adds approximately 7.5% to CF pay over what a comparable civil servant would earn. The background and FAQs can be found at the following link...
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    Lack of officers leaves army short of 'heart and soul'

    Sorry, never did a tour in NDHQ, unlike some who spend their entire careers there!  This was posted as food for thought, in particular since DND is undergoing Strategic review which usually translates into a 5% budget cut along with the potential 5% or 10% options that all federal departments...
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    Lack of officers leaves army short of 'heart and soul'

    However, the CF has at last count over 114 General Officers and over 350 Colonel or equivalent officers! Talk about overkill, get rid of 1/2 and devote the $$$$ resources to the areas where they can be better used.