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    Borden schools?

    Thanks for the response. I was kind of hoping you would say they were not. I recently just went sup res to Pres and because my former trade is now two different trades I have to redo occupational training. At my full time job I am filing someone's maternity position so I can't really risk being...
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    Borden schools?

    Are the schools in Borden running qualification courses at this time or with covid is that a stand still? I have not been keeping very up to date with provinces outside my own.
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    Former Rms - Sup Res to PRes

    I was formerly a Reg Force RMS Cpl (QL3s,QL5s) released in 2014 to Sup Res. I decided well over a year ago I was not ready to be fully released and decided to join as a Reservist at which time i did my medical and fitness test. I have been granted three extentions and was continually told they...