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    CH124 Articles

    Both of these articles are ~5 months old but they are surprisingly well written. Kudos to the PA folk. http://www.airforce.forces.gc.ca/12w-12e/nr-sp/index-eng.asp?id=11760 http://www.airforce.forces.gc.ca/12w-12e/nr-sp/index-eng.asp?id=11759
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    A couple Deck Ops videos

    Just in case people didn't think that shipborne flying is dangerous. First video I believe is from AETE deck trials on the CPF in the early 90s. It isn't always this bad but it certainly can get like this. http://www.alexisparkinn.com/photogallery/Videos/2006-7-7_Sea_Kings_on_Deck.wmv Second...