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    Blackhawk Drop-Leg Holster w/ Mag Pouches

    Selling a Coyote Tan (430503CT) Blackhawk Drop Leg Rig w/ Serpa Lv2 Holster (1911 & Clones ie. Browning HP) and 2x (430900CT) Blackhawk Mag Carriers. Also included is a black Duty Belt and Gear Leash. The numbers are the item SKU's if you would like to compare prices. $140 firm. Located in...
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    Constable Killed in Collision

    RIP Constable Derek Pineo
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    Strange Bug Identification Help

    My friend seen a few of these while canoeing through Algonquin. Quite a strange looking creature, anyone know what it is?
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    Enroll with RCMP and CAF

    I am curious to know if a RegF member (non-MP) can apply for the RCMP while still serving in the CF? I realize that you would need permission from your CoC to attend testing, interviews, and the polygraph. If accepted, is it also possible to have a voluntary release expedited on those grounds or...
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    Queen's Medal for Champion Shot

    Does anyone know where I could find more information regarding the Queen's Medal Competition? I have searched the forum as well as Google, all I have come up with is some outdated recipients and information on the medal. I am interested more in how to go about competing as well as what is...
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    Question regarding Casual Civillian Dress Allowance

    I am curious to know if CCDA has truly been abolished, or if the orderly room clerk simply did not want to deal with my question. I was on course in Texas about a year ago, 5 days long. On this course, civilian clothes was the ordered dress. I received 5 days CCDA. I am now going on course in...
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    Question for Medical Pers regarding Medical Requirements for Non-Issue Boots

    Hopefully someone on here can give me some direction because I have been getting run around left right and center. Long story short, on a march a few months back I developed a pain in my achilles tendon, went to cdu and was refered to physio. The physiotherapist advised me that I have a sort of...