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    Royal Marines Commando School Documentary

    Found this on Youtube, and a quick search showed that it has not been shared here yet (I apologize if it has). As someone preparing for BMQ, I found it very interesting. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cJxFt5SML0k It's a 4 part series Could some experts who have seen it shine a light on how...
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    BMQ/BMOQ Phase 1 & 2 Durations

    Hello all, I've received varying information on this board, from recruiters, and from soldiers on the length of their mandatory courses. It is apparent to me that the lengths vary from year to year, so it's hard to answer. Here's my current understanding of my (possible) mandatory training as...
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    General CFRC Questions – Regular Forces

    Hello All. I have frequented this board for a few months now, learning and gathering information, and have visited and searched through hundreds of posts (especially the Recruiting Office section). I have found the members to be quite informative and friendly, which makes for a good experience...
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    Reserve Pilot Recruitment for Experienced Aerospace Engineer with Master's Degre

    Hello, I am 26 years old and in my last semester of the Master's in Aerospace Engineering program at the University of Toronto. I also currently work full-time as an Engineer at an Aerospace systems company in Toronto. I have, from a very young age, been interested in becoming a Pilot, and...