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    Infantry Reserves DP1 [MERGED]

    Talk to your CFRC. Its your best bet.
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    Medical follow-up for past depression

    I'm sure if you've explained the source of depression, then you would have nothing to worry about. I am by no means a recruiter, so I am just speaking from personal experience. Best bet would be to ask.
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    Medical follow-up for past depression

    From personal experience, I never had an issue with my depression, which I was on medication for for a certain amount of time. The forms will get where they need to go.
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    How hard is it to be assigned to a specific base?

    Everyone can go overseas man! From combat arms right down to the cooks.
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    How hard is it to be assigned to a specific base?

    Why wouldn't you want to go overseas? Chance of a lifetime
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    My Update (My old profile is "Guelph" for clarification)

    Don't put your name on here :facepalm:
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    June 10th BMQ

    Stop speaking out your ass eh?
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    Enroll Permanent Resident / Naturalized Citizen

    :facepalm: This isn't a porn site? Oh..
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    Waiting... And Waiting...Lless of a wait time because I want to do combat?

    I'm just speaking from first hand experiance watching 5 guys on my platoon who were cadets, get completly jacked up for being cadets
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    Waiting... And Waiting...Lless of a wait time because I want to do combat?

    I'd keep that cadets thing to yourself if you get to basic
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    pushup problems; PSP, warrior, PT test.

    The only part psp staff run in warrior is the gym portion of the platoon. The rest is done by NCO's. Again, it all depends on the psp staff. I personally would take it up CofC, as he sounds like he's getting fucked out of a platoon by one or two staff that may not think very highly of him.
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    Noone knows. Depends how much they like you, if the trades open, merit listing, ect ect.
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    bmq april 15

    Saw some of you new guys going upstairs, goodluck boys
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    New year for open positions?

    April 1st if the new fiscal year. No one knows how many postions are open, even your local RC won't.
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    Competition List Questions (formally called Merit List) [MERGED]

    Hurry up and wait. Get used to hearing that ;) anyways I know that my platoon and its two sister platoons had about 80+ artillery. Either way goodluck.
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    Re-enrolling after a 2(A) RELEASE

    You can always try!
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    DUI - Effects on Joining?

    We don't work for you. We serve under you. I advise that you EARN the respect of those under you. We may follow your orders, but what we ncms do, reflects how you look. And you can bet your ass that we won't help you if you think you're better then us.
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    DUI - Effects on Joining?

    If you can't take a little heat on here because you made fucked up decisions you're going to have a hell of a time when you get to cflrs. Goodluck.
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    bmq april 15

    Going to be on your platoon as well. But ill be joining you on the end of week 0. Best of luck. Artyman here as well.
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    DUI - Effects on Joining?

    So if someone you knew got killed by a drunk driver its not so bad. Come on now. Driving drunk is 100% on you. No one else. And the fact that you think its ok and that you should even be looked at over someone without a dd charge makes me sick