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    Capt Groberg to receive Army Medal of Honor

    U.S. army Captain to receive Medal of Honor for actions in Afghanistan. http://www.army.mil/article/156956/Groberg_to_receive_Medal_of_Honor_for_actions_in_Afghanistan/
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    Para to be awarded VC

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    Sgt Kyle White - Medal of Honor

    Just announced. Former Sgt Kyle White will be presented with the MOH on May 13, 2014.
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    Mount La Difensa tribute

    Good video narrated by Col Horn: http://www.combatcamera.forces.gc.ca/netpub/server.np?find&catalog=videos&template=videos-03-eng.np&field=itemid&op=matches&value=477&site=combatcamera
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    L/Cpl James ASHWORTH to be awarded posthumous VC

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    Calgary Highlander Icon-Sgt Harold Marshall

    Sgt Harold Marshall, who was pictured as a Canadian Army sniper in WW2, is dead.  Obit: http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/calgaryherald/obituary.aspx?n=harold-marshall&pid=162591753&fhid=6135#fbLoggedOut WW2 Pic...
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    6 RAR Soldier receives VC

    Good on ya digger: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2012-11-01/soldier-awarded-victoria-cross/4345848
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    WTB: FN/SLR Bayonet

    Anyone out there have a line on a FNC1 or SLR bayonet?
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    Paracord Bracelets

    Thought some of you may like this link.  Heavy chunk of the money goes to charity.  Think I'll order an Airborne one for my days in the Regiment and a Toronto Police Vets one, same colors as the PPCLI. http://paracoy.weebly.com/ Jay
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    Film maker apologizes for dissing fallen Kiwi (Split from: NZ Tps/Fallen/Haka)

    MOD NOTE:  This is a split from this thread .... http://forums.milnet.ca/forums/threads/107243.0.html .... to keep the commentary out of the haka video thread. Unfortunately, an ex-pat Canadian has slandered L/Cpl Baker's good name...
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    Royal Marine covers grenade with body and survives

    Havent many details, but L/Cpl Matt CROUCHER, RM, covered a grenade with his patrol pack and his body and survived blast with minimal injuries.  Brit newspapers are saying he has been recommended for a VC.  If awarded, will be first RM to be awarded one since WW2. Bick
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    Para VC and GC

    Para Budd, one of the Helmand heroes, 3 Bn Parachute Regiment By Thomas Harding, Defence Correspondent Last Updated: 11:25am GMT 14/12/2006 A paratrooper who launched a lone charge on Taliban lines after his platoon was ambushed is expected to be awarded the Victoria Cross today.  ...
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    I am trying to transfer from the Sup Res to the P Res.  I am told that one of the longest parts of this process is getting a "MITCP" back from Area HQ.  Anyone out there have any idea what this is and does? Thanks for the help. Jay
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    Excellent book

    just read "Blood Strips".  About USMC NCO's in Iraq.  Good read.
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    Darren FARROW

    Does anyone have contact info for Darren FARROW.  Joined 1985, went thru RCR Battleschool 1986 (Apeldorn Pl).  Posted to 1 RCR, London until 1988 then went over to 3 RCR in Germany.  Back in Canada about 1992 ish in Pet.  Lost contact with him sometime ago.  Known as "The Bear" by those of us...
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    ORTONA by Mark Zuehlke

    Outstanding book, got it for Christmas.  Well actually my wife bought me "Shake hands with the Devil" and there was no way I would support that waste of skin so I traded it in for Ortona. Has lots of first hand accounts from both sides.  Has anyone read any of his other books?
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    Medal citations

    Does anyone had a book which lists the names and citations of WW1 Military Medal (MM) winners?  A relative of mine earned one in WW1, but no one knows why. Thanks in advance.