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  1. J

    BMQ expiry date?

    Hi all, just re-enrolled in pres after being out for 6 years. Does anyone know when BMQ expires? I've been told by some it's 5 years from release and from others that it's 10 years.
  2. J

    Completing PRes BMQ, BMOQ and BMOQ-A in one summer?

    Hi all, In the process of applying DEO PRes armour officer right now. I'm currently a full time student, my final exams end Apr 30 and my next school year begins Sep 7. I've read that BMQ, BMOQ and BMOQ-A are roughly 16 weeks combined in length. Is it possible to do them consecutively in one...
  3. J

    Reserve Arty/Infantry officer trades training

    Hello, I'm considering applying to my local PRes infantry/artillery regiments as an officer. I was curious which courses I would need to take in addition to BMQ/BMOQ and BMOQ-L to be fully qualified? Additionally, how long would each of those courses be? Thank you!