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  1. trigger324


    I have to write a proposal to be staffed through my CoC and I can only assume one is done in memo format. I know proposals can be varying in subject, whether it's business plans or requests for funds/materiel, even for suggestions for the unit fun day. As in any military writing, is there...
  2. trigger324

    Information requested.

    Are there any current or even past PSO's or CM's that are present on these boards?  If there are, and you are interested, I wonder if I could PM you and pick your brain a few times and find out some specific info about OT's.  I've done a lot of research both on here and elsewhere and some of my...
  3. trigger324

    old style cpl rank insignia

    this one might be for the "old-er"timers, or maybe not... following unification, there was a rank insignia, long gone now, of a chevron and a half plus a maple leaf, (a bit like a mcpl of today) which was a corporal back then, i clearly remember my dad wearing them back in the day. it was very...
  4. trigger324


    First of all, I’ve looked far and wide on here for an answer to the question I’m about to ask, and this one, I can’t see to have been answered. So if it has, I'll say sorry I missed it. But I hope someone who works specifically with OT’s or with a personal experience with one of their own might...